Monday, March 30, 2009

one date does NOT a boyfriend make

To reiterate my opening title, just because a girl goes out with a boy on a date, that does NOT make him her boyfriend. There, got that little issue cleared up. So, Angel #2 wants this boy who is NOT her boyfriend to come over tomorrow and hang out. This was just between her and me, until Angel #4 became suspicious when her older sister was telling her that she'd have a much better time at a friends house than at home tomorrow. Usually her big sister isn't that concerned for her happiness. While this was going on in #2's bedroom, WE was outside working, apparently within earshot of the conversation. He yells from outside, she wants you gone because Josh is coming over. I asked him if he was eavesdropping and he shot me this shocked look. "You mean he IS coming over?" He'd just had a lucky guess. Word spread like wildfire through the Angel hierarchy, much to #2's displeasure. But WE knows how to make his sister feel good. He told her, "don't worry, once he meets me, he'll be sure to marry you." Oh, if we all only had that kid's self-confidence.

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