Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School

Okay, I haven't written in here in ages, but I've got a story that I don't want to forget, so I'm putting it here for my own edification as well as yours.

School started last week.  Over the Labor Day weekend, one of our 4th graders was in a farming accident and had the tips of 3 of his fingers cut off.  Just so you can keep track of everyone, I'll name names.  So Caden was the little guy in the accident.  Today was his first day back at school and as he was going through the lunch line, I asked if he was going to need help holding his tray.  The little girl next to him in line (her name is Caydence) said that she was going to help him because she was assigned as Caden's help buddy so she was going to take his tray through the line for him.  Then I noticed another girl named Grace was grabbing a tray.  I said hey, Grace, you didn't get your lunch number punched in and she said, wait for it....I'm eating cold lunch but I'm holding Caydence's tray for her while she goes through the line holding Cadens tray.  Don't you love it??

I also discovered that my cousin is engaged to be married to the aunt of one of my lunch kids.  She was telling the other kids how we're practically related now because of them getting married.  One of the other kids asked her "is your aunt old?"  It took me a while to realize where that question came from.  The little fart was finding it hard to believe that her friend had an aunt old enough to be marrying someone who had a cousin as old as me.  Kids, don't you just want to smack them sometimes?

Talk about smacking kids.  My babies were all home at the same time this August.  Angel #1 also brought his girlfriend up, and it was great meeting her and WE's girlfriend was a permanent fixture around here the whole time he was home as well.  So between the 5 extra people we had staying here and all the extra friends that came around for bonfires and stuff, things were pretty crazy around here.  I have to say that one of the highlights of the weekend was when Angel #2 was trying to do a Dirty Dancing lift and managed to kick WE in the face.  Someone got it on video and we all watched it over and over again, laughing every time.  WE got his own moment of glory though, too.  Last time the boys were home, they were both wrestling on the floor and Angel #1 put WE in a choke hold, causing WE to blackout.  WE came back here last month looking for revenge.  He bought a stun gun off Amazon and had it all charged up and ready to go when Angel #1 started wrestling with him.  We were all in the other room when we heard the zapping sound and #1 yelling, What the heck??  Brothers being brothers, #1 wasn't mad at all but impressed with his brothers resourcefulness.  My kids are nuts, but I love them anyway.