Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apparently, this is against the rules

WE came home from school yesterday and told me that he was taken out of class and given a talking to by the principal along with 3 of his buddies. They were told they needed to behave so teachers would be sad to see them graduate, not relieved.  So, what was their heinous crime?  Sit back and let me tell you.

The 4 boys, all Seniors, were in the computer lab during foods class, they were supposed to be looking up recipes online.  They weren't.  One of the boys was playing music on his ipod and the boys decided they wanted to dance.  Well, dancing is no fun without the proper atmosphere, so WE googled 'strobe light' and found one online, they turned out the computer lab lights and were having a blast.  The problem comes in with the fact that the computer lab is adjacent to the library with big windows between the two rooms...and the librarian wasn't a fan of their music.  She marched the boys back to their classroom and told the foods teacher what they were up to.  Afterwards, their teacher told them that in the future, they should maybe play disco, because the librarian prefers that to rap.  Today, she announced that if they can't behave, they're going to have to do all their cooking under a strobe light.  Obviously, the teacher wasn't nearly as upset about the whole episode as the librarian was.  So the librarian told the principal, who talked to the boys and now they're banned from the computer lab for the next week.  I'm pretty sure the boys felt it was worth it.  And as for me, I think it's hilarious.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now this is getting beyond ridiculous

We had a few days in the 20's and even 2 in the upper 30's in the last couple weeks, but were back to temps below zero again.  I'm so sick of being cold all the time.  Fortunately, hubs is a heating guy and he put electric coils in our furnace to heat the  house, otherwise we would have had to fork over $5 a gallon for LP to keep our house warm.  As it is, we're using electric to keep things warm until the price drops below $2.89, whenever that may be.  I'm just hoping it happens before we run out of fuel, because though we don't need it to heat the house, it does keep my stove going and I'm not going to have to microwave supper until the price of LP drops to a normal level.

It would also be nice for the temps to rise so hubs can put my bumper back on.  Yeah, remember back almost 2 months ago when WE went ditch diving in my van and the front bumper came off?  Well, the bumper is still sitting in the barn waiting to be reattached.  It's just been too stinking cold to spend a couple hours in an unheated barn putting a chunk of plastic back into place.  I've been looking really classy driving around in my redneck mobile.  WE's van is the same make and model as mine, only a year older.  It's in pretty sorry shape and we're hoping it'll last til the end of the school year.  Once he's gone and doesn't need a vehicle anymore, I think we're going to cannibalize it and replace all the broken stuff on my van with the unbroken stuff from his.  His van is white and mine is red, but I'd rather have a white side mirror on a red van than no mirror at all, so I'm willing to put up with it.  

Last night hubs suggested we go to the regional playoff basketball game.  As much as I hate basketball, I've got to admit that this one kept me (and everyone else) on the edge of my seat.  Our boys lost after double overtime.  It was pretty heartbreaking.  I did have a little chuckle during the game though.  Last night, WE was telling us about one of his friends in foods class.  This boy liked a girl and to let her know his feelings, he gave her the pan of cherry crisp he made in class.  WE was shocked that he didn't even take a piece out for himself first and teased the poor guy about it.  Well, last night, the girl who received the cherry crisp was holding a sign with the boys name on it at the basketball game.  It just shows the power of love and cherry crisp.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I survived the weekend!!

Hubs comedy show went awesomely Friday night.  After last weeks show, I made it clear to him that he should NOT introduce me as his wife before his set because then everyone looks at me whenever he makes a wife joke, it's a bit awkward, to say the least.  So, he didn't on Friday night and it made for the funniest moment of the show, for me at least.  During one of his wife jokes, I heard the woman behind me say, very sarcastically, "wow, nice wife".  My friend Connie and I pretty much bust a gut laughing.  There were over 200 people at the show and he had tons come up to him and tell him how much they enjoyed his set.  He was pretty pumped up, he's had two great, successful shows in a row now.

Last night was the Snow Ball.  Here are my adorable children and their dates:

Angel #4's boyfriend not only got her a corsage, but he also gave her a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's day. WE & his girlfriend, being the frugal sort, both wore the same outfits they wore last year at the Snow Ball...unintentionally, of course.  WE wore black pants instead of tan this year and his girlfriend put her hair up and wore a necklace, otherwise,their picture looks the same as last years, it was even taken at the same friends house as last year.

There ended up being 6 girls sleeping in my living room last night after the dance.  Shortly before I took the kids to the school, it started snowing and by the time I had to go  pick them up, the roads were completely covered.  I just followed what were left of the tracks of cars that had gone ahead of me and hoped for the best.  I really didn't want to hit the ditch with a car full of under dressed teenagers.  Angel #4's boyfriend was going to stay at our place awhile after the dance, but once I saw the roads, I brought him home right away, there was no way I was going to wait around for things to get worse before going out there again and I didn't want to run the risk of having to have a boy spend the night with my houseful of girls.  WE spent the night at the house who was holding the Seniors party, so once he let me know he made it there safely, I didn't have to worry about him being out on the roads anymore that night.  Hubs was planning on leaving early this morning (around 4am) to drive to the airport, but once he saw the forecast for snow, he headed out about 6 last night and made it to Milwaukee just as the flakes started to fly.  I'm glad we all had a safe evening, I worry about stuff like that so much.

I've also got a picture of Angel #2 and her new hairdo.  I think it'll grow on me.

She said her plan for when the extensions fall out will be to dye it pink again.  It's a miracle her hair doesn't fall right out of her head, imo.  She also got a new dog and hubs sent me a  picture of the three of them when they got together in Houston this morning.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm sick of winter

It seems like the standard rule of thumb for this winter is if the temperatures get above zero, we get snow.  There seems to be no such thing as just a nice, relatively warm, sunny day this year.  It's getting pretty old, if  you want to know the truth.  Today, the thermometer on the van said it was 32 degrees outside, that's about the warmest I've seen it in well over a month.  Of course, it was snowing and the roads were a sloppy mess, so it was still a no-win situation.  I'm ready for spring.

Saturday night is the high school Snow Ball.  I found out Tuesday night that our house got volunteered by Angel #4 to be the after dance sleep-over house.  So it looks like I'm going to have a passel of teenagers sleeping in my living room Saturday night.  This will add an interesting twist to the evening since Hubs is flying to Texas for work at 7am Sunday morning; he's flying out of Milwaukee, so he'll have to leave the house at around 4am.  Hopefully he'll get some sleep with the giggle-fest going on downstairs.

Angel #2 has some interesting things going on this week.  Today she got a headful of dreadlock hair extensions.  They're blond with some turquoise highlights.  They're.....interesting looking.  Tomorrow she's driving up to Dallas to adopt a Pomeranian  dog, it's about 15 years old and she's determined to make it's final year or so on earth as enjoyable as possible.  She realizes it doesn't have long to live, but this will be a good trial run to see if she wants the added responsibility of a dog in her life without a long-term commitment.

Saturday should be our last day of watching wrestling.  It's the regional finals and I'm pretty confident that WE isn't going to be going on to sectionals, he's been enjoying wrestling, but his record isn't the greatest.  Though when you think about it, he did pretty awesome this year.  When he started wrestling this winter, he'd only seen maybe 1 or 2 meets in his life and had never been on a wrestling mat.  To go up against kids, some of whom have been wrestling for 10 years or more already, it was pretty incredible that he won the matches he did.  I think his record is something like 7-15, which isn't too bad.  He's definitely looking forward to track season though, there's a sport where he knows what he's doing and he does it well.  Personally, I'm looking forward to track season as well, but mainly because I really really want to start seeing green grass and sunshine again.

We got our pictures taken yesterday at work for the school yearbook.  I was a little disappointed that they didn't take my posing suggestions.  I thought either a sword fight using the big stirring paddles or a reenactment of American Gothic using the giant potato masher would be awesome, but we ended up going with the traditional lunch lady pose of standing in a row in front of the lunch line, though I did manage to pose myself so it looks like I'm going to squirt one of my co-workers with a bottle of ketchup.

Monday, February 3, 2014

This means war, cat

I like to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter time.  I have a table set up in the corner of our dining room so I can spread out and not be in anyone's way or have to move things mid-puzzling.   Yesterday morning, I noticed there were puzzle pieces on the floor and saw that the corner of my current puzzle was all pulled apart.  When I mentioned it to a house guest, she said she'd seen the cat sit on the chair by the table and bat the pieces off the edge one by one.  I picked them up, moved the puzzle further up the table and kind of forgot about it, until this morning.  The stupid cat had dismantled one entire side of the puzzle and it was all over the floor.  Today I finished the puzzle and will soon put it back into its box, and made a note to myself that the next puzzle I do will have to be covered at night for cat protection.

Last night we also played a rollicking game of Spoons with our house guests.  Things got a little wild and crazy and all I can say is that I'm pretty sure that Angel #4 has chunks of my skin embedded under her fingernails and there may possibly be blood on the living room rug.

But, just to prove that my life isn't all games and puzzles, I'd like to announce that I acquired a very important skill at work today.  After numerous tries, I can now catch french fries in my mouth as my co-worker, Kay, tosses them across the lunch line.  We discovered that the trick is to toss them underhand, as an overhand throw has too much momentum and tends to bounce off my face.  If you ever wondered what lunch ladies do while waiting for the kids to show up in the lunch line, now you know.