Monday, February 3, 2014

This means war, cat

I like to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter time.  I have a table set up in the corner of our dining room so I can spread out and not be in anyone's way or have to move things mid-puzzling.   Yesterday morning, I noticed there were puzzle pieces on the floor and saw that the corner of my current puzzle was all pulled apart.  When I mentioned it to a house guest, she said she'd seen the cat sit on the chair by the table and bat the pieces off the edge one by one.  I picked them up, moved the puzzle further up the table and kind of forgot about it, until this morning.  The stupid cat had dismantled one entire side of the puzzle and it was all over the floor.  Today I finished the puzzle and will soon put it back into its box, and made a note to myself that the next puzzle I do will have to be covered at night for cat protection.

Last night we also played a rollicking game of Spoons with our house guests.  Things got a little wild and crazy and all I can say is that I'm pretty sure that Angel #4 has chunks of my skin embedded under her fingernails and there may possibly be blood on the living room rug.

But, just to prove that my life isn't all games and puzzles, I'd like to announce that I acquired a very important skill at work today.  After numerous tries, I can now catch french fries in my mouth as my co-worker, Kay, tosses them across the lunch line.  We discovered that the trick is to toss them underhand, as an overhand throw has too much momentum and tends to bounce off my face.  If you ever wondered what lunch ladies do while waiting for the kids to show up in the lunch line, now you know.

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