Saturday, February 28, 2009

got my batteries recharged

We decided to let #2 do the Relay until 11pm last night. It was being held in the high school football field and they had bands playing and food booths set up, so it was basically a big party to raise money to fight cancer. She had a good time, but was disappointed she had to leave when she did, since the headlining band was just starting when we got her. But, she got to to see her friend's band perform, which, in her opinion was better than the headliners anyway.

I met with some of my Nanowrimo writing friends this morning and we ended up having a 5 hour gab marathon at Borders Books and didn't get any writing done. But, we talked about writing, which is just as good, and now I'm ready to get writing again. I've been pretty sluggy in that department lately and it's time to get back on that horse. Neigh

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lotsa people

It's been a busy couple of days. We had two of the ministers from our church overnight on Wed and Thurs. The girls cleared out of their bedroom so the guys had a place to sleep and moved downstairs. For some reason, all the kids want that room downstairs for their own...or maybe they just want their own room. They can have it, it creeps me out down there-rats, you know. Since the girls sleep with their cats, the rat issue probably won't be much of a problem for them, but still. ewww Along with the two extra guys last night, we also invited some friends over for supper. All in all, there were 11 people to feed last night. I made a couple of homemade pizzas and everyone went away full, so all is good.

Tonight, Angel #4 is having a friend overnight. #2 wants to do the Relay for Life thing at the high school tonight. It's an all night walkathon and hubby isn't too keen on her being there all night. Some of her friends are going to be there, so we'll have to see what we finally decide to allow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It may look silly, but it works

I made bread today. I've been having a little trouble on the bread making front because our counter top is too high. In order to knead the dough, I've got to stand on my tip toes to give me a little extra height. Then today, the lightbulb went on. I went out to our van and got Auntie Lily's stool. Auntie Lily is a beautiful little old lady who lives at the nursing home. On Sunday mornings, our family picks her up and takes her to church with us. Since she had problems getting in and out of our van, we bought a collapsable stool and keep it shoved under the seat. Well, Auntie Lily's stool is the perfect height to give me the leverage I need to pound my bread into shape. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that good stuff.

Just in case you were wondering, I didn't put any green stuff in this batch of bread, it looks MUCH better than last week's bread.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Great Pineapple Rescue

Jeannie, when I get my prize from AD, I'll give you yours. :D Maybe I'll sing a Jimmy Buffet song and dedicate it to you.

The other day we noticed some pineapple leaves poking through the vegetation growing along the side of the driveway. We figured if they were ever going to produce, they'd have to get weeded, so that's what I did today. Some of those poor plants were buried under vines and there was a stand of raspberries right in the middle of them, and I had to don my leather glove (I could only find one of them) and pull the thorny things out of there...after eating all the berries off, of course. All in all, I found about half a dozen pineapple plants. They look kind of rough right now, but I think after a little while of sun and rain without the competition of viney stuff and raspberry stalks, they should take right off. Now, I've just got to clear a space so I can plant the three pineapple plants I've got in pots.

Next on my outdoor agenda is clearing the area around the bee hives. There's a lot of long grass growing around them and the hives have been neglected for a while, so I think it would be nice to get it cleaned up and make the bees happy. Hopefully, whoever it is who owns the hives are okay with us taking them over. I'm not sure who they belong to, but whoever it is hasn't been taking care of them. I've been interested in beekeeping for years, yet never did anything about it besides read books. I'm currently working my way through Beekeeping for Dummies, and now there there's a hive right at my fingertips, I just might start nosing around there and getting a real live bee education. BUZZ!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I bought shoes!

Hubby and I went to K-Mart tonight. Angel #2 and her friend, Shannon the Slug, wanted to go shopping, so we picked Shannon up on the way and dumped the girls off at their store while we went to ours. K-Mart is redoing their shoe department and is having a clearance sale on what they've got now so they don't have as many shoes to deal with when they rip the department apart. I found the cutest pair of heeled pumps. I don't usually wear heels, or dress shoes, for that matter. The one pair I have about 1 inch heels, I bought them about 2 years ago and wear them to church on Sunday and to the writers conference I go to in Wisconsin each year. They're pretty ratty looking and it was really time to replace them, so I did. I've been trying to remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes, it's been a while. I think it was November of '07, when I blew out my flip flop right before we went to Oahu and I bought another pair. So, I was overdue for a new pair of shoes I think. I really need to get a new pair of flip flops too, my 1 1/2 year old ones are starting to fall apart. Yeah, I'm not much of a clothes/shoes shopper.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Hubby was tired and missed his wonderful family, so he came home from Denver early. He was done with the work portion of his trip and was just planning on doing some skiing and that sort of thing over the weekend. He figured with what it would cost in hotels, car rental and ski fees, it would be cheaper to just change his ticket and come back home where he'd rather be anyway. I got him at the airport last night, so he got home 2 days early. Yeah! In honor of his return, Angel #4 made a blueberry cheesecake. She got a little help from me, but she was very proud of her accomplishment. We invited some friends over for dinner today and to share the cheesecake with us.

Friday, February 20, 2009

May the circle, be unbroken

A few weeks ago, I was showing a friend around our house. She saw some old boards lying in the upper shed, and said she'd been looking for some exactly like them for her artwork and wanted to buy a couple. I told her I'd talk to our landlord about it. Well, he told her to come on up and pick a few out, then gave them to her, because he's a nice guy that way. She wanted to do something for him or pay for them, and he asked if she could bake a pie. She's not much of a baker, but I am - she, on the other hand, is an awesome artist. I told her that I'd bake the landlord a pie if she'd paint me a picture, and she was thrilled with the idea. I asked Mark, the landlord, if he liked banana cream and that my friend would bring me some bananas to make him a pie. He said he had tons of bananas growing at his place and he'd bring me some apple bananas, which are really sweet and tasty. I made him his pie today and he told me to make this whole barter thing even more complicated, he was going to give the pie to his sister-in-law for her birthday. Now that is a complicated transaction, but bartering is a much more fun way of doing things than boring old money. Besides, now I'm going to get a painting made especially for my by a very dear friend and all I had to do was bake a pie, which I can do blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back. Who could ask for anything better?

I forgot to mention in my crabby post yesterday how friendly the people at Walmart were. When I walked in, a guy was grabbing a cart for himself, he gave it to me said "welcome to Walmart" then grabbed another for himself. A little way down the aisle, I stopped to check out the DVD for Angelina Jolie's moving Changeling. It's set in the 1920's, which automatically catches my interest. The guy stopped again and gave me a movie review (it was a favorable one, but not worth spending $18 for a dvd). Later on, a lady helped me pick out curtains for my bathroom and in the sewing section, a really cool woman and I got to chatting about mending, buttons and ways to repair clothes (it really was an interesting conversation, despite what it sounds like). It just seemed like there were a lot of friendly people shopping at the same time. Not everyone is a vicious psycho driver out for blood.

I bought some brown paint yesterday, and this morning, I painted the grungy white stools that are at my counter in the kitchen. Angel #2, with her typical warped sense of humor said: Great, now we can tell everyone we've got brown stools.
UGH That kid must get her sense of humor from her father, I'm MUCH classier than that. :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Someone painted my van with invisibility paint

I am invisible when I'm driving down the road. Sometime during the last week, someone sneaked into my driveway and painted my Dodge Caravan with invisibility paint, or maybe I accidentally pressed the stealth button on the dash, thinking I was changing the radio station. All I know is that I must be invisible as I drive down the road, the only other thing it could possible be is that there are a lot of idiots out on the road lately. Naw, I must be invisible. One thing I've noticed about drivers in Hawaii is that they're courteous, almost to the point of being dangerous sometimes. But lately, it's been like driving on the mainland out there. Twice this week someone in the merge lane raced up from behind and cut in front of me, forcing me to either slam on my brakes or sideswipe them. Considering my van is pretty junky, maybe I'll choose the second option in the future and let the idiots buy me a new car. Ironic thing is, in both situations, they still got stuck at the exact same traffic lights as me and risked both our lives just so they could get home 5 seconds sooner. Not really worth risking a ride in an ambulance, if you ask me. My friend has noticed the same thing with drivers lately. Her theory is that the economy is getting to people, making them crabbier and more dog-eat-dog. I've seen a couple of vehicles with bumper stickers that say: Slow Down, this isn't the Mainland I think I'm going to get one for my invisible van.

I got a call from the school today. WE passed out during Phy Ed class today. They figure he just got overheated. When he got home from school, I asked him what happened and he just said "I fainted". Well, duh, I knew that. I told him I wanted a play-by-play. He said, I was running and all of a sudden I fell, like this. Then he acted out running in slow motion, then falling onto the floor making that low, drawn out aauurrgh sound you hear when someone yells in a slow motion video. He said they thought he was faking it, until they picked him up and he was totally out of it. He seems fine now though, I guess it was just one of those things.

Tanya: Good suggestion about the fish dissection thing. That's entirely possible, Angel #4 is in the middle of taking apart an owl pellet in class, maybe fish are next.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wrapped up like a douche

The kids and I were all together in the car with me when the Manford Mann version of Blinded by the Light came on the radio. They spent most of the song trying to figure out what they were saying, I didn't bother because I knew it was impossible to decipher. They decided that it was definitely either racked up like a douche or wrapped up like a douche, neither of which makes any sense, but the song in general is pretty odd. I told them that the only ones who truly know what the real words are would be Bruce Springsteen, who originally wrote and performed the song, and Manford and Mann (though I'm not sure if Manford and Mann are two guys names, or just the band in general, so there could be a minimum of 3 people who know the words, all the way up to the total sum of the members of Manford and Mann Earth Band AND the E Street band). So, we decided to google the lyrics when we got home. Turns out even THOSE guys were a little hazy, since Bruce sang it: "cut loose like a deuce" and Manford (or Mann) said "revved up like a deuce". So, the mystery is solved...sort of.

I ate the green bread today for breakfast and didn't die or anything, which is a good thing since I still have 1 3/4 loaves left and I don't think I'm going to convince the kids to eat it.

Today, I was waiting in the school courtyard for Angel #4 to get done with band class, along with a bunch of other parents when a lady walked through the crowd and went into one of the buildings. This normally isn't a noteworthy event, but I thought I'd mention it because she walked through carrying a gallon Zip-lock bag with three whole fish in it, complete with heads, tails and everything in between. It made me wonder why someone would go to an elementary school with a bag full of dead fish (they WERE dead, in case you were wondering). I really can't think of any reason, but if you can, feel free to post a comment giving me your opinion.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Erin Go Bragh

I like making bread. It's fun to rummage around in the cupboards and fridge and find new and interesting stuff to throw into the dough. Bread dough is very forgiving and you can add all kinds of interesting things...take today for example. Besides the usual cornmeal and oatmeal, added what was left of a box of organic corn flakes, there wasn't enough left for a bowl, so it was just sitting there, never to be used, until it found its way into my bread. Then, I started digging in the fridge looking for interesting leftovers, but came up empty. But, there was a bottle of some kind of vitamin powder passed on to us from our neighbor when she cleaned out her refrigerator before moving off-island. The powder is nasty-looking, about the consistency of soot and a really dark green color, something nobody in this house would eat voluntarily, but since I knew that a bottle of that stuff sells for $25, I really hated to just throw it away, so it's been residing in the back of the fridge...until today. I figured I could throw a little into the bread and add a few extra vitamins without anyone in the family finding out about it. Uh, yeah. Turns out the green powder is really really green, and no amount of flour or kneading is going to change that. My bread, though it tastes just fine, looks like the nightmare of someone who had just a tad bit too much green beer on St. Patrick's Day. There is no way I was going to smuggle those extra vitamins past the kids.

For those of you wondering, the bank DID find my deposit and had it in our account by Saturday morning. Just sucks to be the poor bugger who had a mysterious wad of money in their account for a half day, only to have it just as mysteriously disappear.

Book Review Tuesday: Hey Cowgirl, Need a Ride? By Baxter Black While the plot of this book was a bit odd, the writing totally redeemed any shortcomings. Baxter Black is a cowboy poet, who also had written some fiction books, of which this is one of them. I didn't realize until I was almost done with it that it's a sequel, but it works fine as a stand alone. Black's analogies are so much fun, I could read an entire book of just those alone, he hauls in some great secondary characters and a goofy plot about a big game hunt for endangered animals. All in all, a totally fun book to read and I'm now going out in search of the first book.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hubby called me this morning to say that he's safe and sound in Texas. The first thing he did when he got into the airport in Austin was to get himself some authentic Texas bar-b-que from the Saltlick, which fortunately has an outlet at right at the airport. I'm sure he's also going to head to the real Saltlick sometime during his Texas visit also, since he always does. Honey, if you're reading this, remember to buy some sauce to take home with you.

The kids and I went to our friend's Steve and Alice's for lunch today, which was nice. Steve fried up hamburgers and salmon burgers and Angel #2 made cooked up some artichokes, which none of us had ever had before. We decided that they were an awful lot of work for a little bit of food, though the hearts were real yummy.

No school tomorrow for the kids, so I'm going to set them to work picking tangerines off our tree. We've been looking at the tree for a couple weeks now, saying, we really oughta pick those buggers, but never actually doing it. So, tomorrow I'm going to make those little monsters earn their keep around here. I'd rather we get them than the pigs. Problem is, the ones we don't eat, I've got to juice up. I spend about an hour or two a week juicing oranges and other veggies, and though I frequently remind myself that those of you freezing your tailfeathers off up north would kill for the chance to juice oranges in Hawaii, it doesn't make the job any less boring or tedious. Why am I thinking I'm not going to get a whole lot of sympathy?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just your average Friday night

"Mom, there's a rasta guy playing Hawaiian drums at the end of the driveway. He wants me to open up the gate so he can get in." Now those are words you don't hear very often. My response was obvious, I looked at hubby and said, "You've got to go deal with the rasta guy at the end of the driveway." I'm good at problem solving that way. I thought I'd heard drums coming from the front of the house, but since our neighbors next door were having a very loud party, I thought it was just an odd trick of sound making it seem like there were drums playing at the end of the driveway. Guess not. Turns out, rasta guy was looking for the neighbors party, so hubby sent him down the road and since I shortly afterwards heard drums coming from the rear, I assume he found it. They partied until about 3:30, it didn't bother me, I fell right to sleep, with one brief blip at around 2:30 when they were yelling particularly loud. But, hubby couldn't sleep, which isn't a good thing, since he's flying to the mainland tonight, so will be spending the night in an airplane, which isn't a very comfortable place to sleep. He's going to be one tired boy when he finally gets to Texas Sunday morning.

Once we dealt with rasta guy, hubby and I went to bed. We weren't snuggled in for more than 5 minutes when an odd sound came from the bathroom. Once again, I sent hubby to investigate (what am I going to do about investigating stuff next week when he's out of town?) and he discovered that his electric toothbrush turned itself on. He turned it off and went back to bed, and the toothbrush started up again. He wapped it on the side of the sink for a while and it finally turned off, but I think this looks like a job for Jay, Grant and the rest of the Ghosthunters crew. Especially since WE is sure he saw a ghost in the basement Thursday night - though I think it has more to do with the fact that the basement totally freaks him out rather than any actual hauntings. He told me this morning that when he heard rasta guy's drums last night, he thought the Night Marchers (Hawaiian ghost warriors) were coming to get him and he was thinking he was going to have to pee in the doorway of his bedroom. Pee in the doorway? I asked. Yep, peeing in doorways keep out both the Night Marchers and the Menehunes (Hawaiian troll-like things). I told him that I'd suggest dealing with the Menehunes and Night Marchers, because they'll go easier on him then I will if I find out he's been peeing in the doorways.

Angel #2 went out with friends last night. Supposedly, it was for Valentine's day, though there was a definite shortage of boyfriends. Rose's boyfriend lives in Saipan, Shannon's boyfriend has bronchitis and is coughing up blood and the Angel is boyfriendless (which makes her father VERY happy), so the only guy in the group was Alohi's boyfriend, a blue-haired boy named Alec. Yes, my daughter went to the movies with Papa Smurf. Afterwards, 2 of the girls came home with us and spent the night, which made me very happy for the really thick, heavy wooden doors to the girls bedroom. We couldn't hear a thing from that end of the house, which is much nicer than our last place, where we could hear everything. From what they told me they were doing last night, it sounded like they were having a major giggle fest in there.

Friday, February 13, 2009


This afternoon I drove into the driveway after picking Angel #4 up at school and there were wild pigs in our driveway. A mama and her two babies were right there at the gate when I turned in. Jake, the wonder dog, was in the van with us and went absolutely nuts, he wanted some bacon something fierce. He was whining and jumping around so much, he fell in between the bucket seats from his spot in the middle seat. I chased the pigs up the driveway with the van and they kept going straight as I made the left turn to get to our house. As soon as I opened the door of the van, Jake ran out and went heading after those pigs. Fortunately, he didn't get them, because I don't know what he'd actually do with a pig if he caught one.

I also went to the bank today and made a fairly large deposit. Fortunately, I went online to check my account a couple hours later, because noticed that my deposit wasn't in there. Uh...where'd the money go? I found the deposit ticket the teller gave me and saw that she put our money in someone else's account. Fortunately, it was about 10 minutes before the bank closed, so I got my hiney on the phone and started rattling some cages. After being put on and off hold for about 20 minutes, I was finally told that everything should get straightened out tomorrow. It had better be or I'm going to have to kick some bank bootie. With the economy the way it is, I don't trust banks anyway, and for them to lose my money (it was cash - so no actual paper trail) just sort of cements my feelings.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow, I've really been slacking in the blog department lately. It just that nothing particularly interesting has been going on lately and I don't want to bore you with the tedium of my life.

Sometimes, companies and products that are 'green' really make me laugh. Angel #4 has a pencil that smells like root beer, it's calls a smencil - really. It's made out of 100% recycled newspaper and their company tagline is saving trees, one pencil at a time. How do I know the company tagline? Because it's printed on the plastic tube the pencil came in. The pencils come individually packaged in plastic tubes. I am NOT kidding. Not only that, but then the plastic tubes are additionally packaged in packs of 10 or 50 in even more plastic. Think I'm kidding? Check it out: How screwed up is that?

In case you were wondering, hubby has taken the lead in the rat race and is ahead of WE 2 to 1. Just to clarify, these things are NOT in our house - with 3 cats and a dog, they'd be stupid to even try. The place where they're getting trapped is completely open to the out doors, so it's no different than raccoons getting in your garbage or squirrels running on your roof, because squirrels are nothing more than rats with bushy tails. I'm just hoping the word of the untimely deaths of some of their contemporaries gets out and the rest of the rats find greener pastures to hang out in.

Book Review Tuesday: Okay, it's Wednesday, but I forgot to post yesterday. Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich. I thought the whole Carl the monkey thing was pretty stupid when he first showed up a book or two ago, but JE totally redeemed herself with this book. Carl and his cronies made me LOL, though the whole premise was pretty bizarre. We also find out a little bit about Disel's family in this one, which was interesting and there was more Ranger than I thought there would be, which is always a good thing. Not one of Evanovich's best, but a fun read nonetheless.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

reliving my teen years - the Saturday morning version

Tonight, while they were supposed to be cleaning the kitchen, the girls took plastic bottles of peppercorns and were shaking them in time to songs they were singing. That reminded me of my sister doing the same thing when we were teens, except she did it to the song Walk Like an Egyptian (this was the 80's, remember) and instead of a bottle of peppercorns, she used a can of Sani-flush. Sani-flush was powdered toilet bowl cleaner that came in a cardboard can kind of thing. I can't remember seeing it in stores, I wonder if they still make it? It was really cool because it fizzed like Alka-Seltzer when you dumped it into the toilet. Anyway, this toilet cleaner shaking, dancing like an Egyptian thing usually happened on Saturday mornings, because that was housecleaning day at our house. So, I found the song and played it for my girls and they were dancing around the living room shaking their peppercorns, looking just like my little sister 20+ years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess.

Random daydreamer fact: I didn't dance around the bathroom shaking cans of Sani-flush when I was a teenager.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here we go again

Angel #4 has lice AGAIN. We just got rid of the last infestation 6 months ago after fighting them for 4 or 5 months. I am NOT happy. I think we went through 6 bottles of Rid last time, this time I'm going to try more natural stuff, I hate putting all those chemicals on her head. I'm tempted to just shave her right down to nothing, it sure would make things easier.

We bought a new chair today. It's a nice squishy rocker/recliner. The chairs we already have in the living room aren't very comfortable, so it's nice to have a decent chair in here for a change. Now I have to do a little furniture rearranging to get everything where I want it.

When we were shopping today, there was some fundraiser going on outside Walmart and they were selling fresh malasadas (a kind of Portuguese doughnut). Those babies were so fresh I couldn't resist. They were frying them up right there and were still warm in the bag. I ate four of them while I was waiting for hubby to come out of the store. They were small - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tim Rogers...or is it Kenny Buttles?

Tanya, you'll get a kick out of this. We've got this friend, Tim Buttles, who looks a lot like Kenny Rogers. The other day, hubby was driving through one of the ritzy subdivisions out here - the kind you need a security pass to get into - and he saw this guy drive by and his first thought was "that guy looks like Tim Buttles", then he realized that Tim would never be in a ritzy subdivision in Hawaii (at least w/out us knowing about it), but Kenny Rogers WOULD be. So, he's thinking he saw Kenny. But, how many people see someone famous like Kenny Rogers and their first thought is "hey, isn't that Tim Buttles?" LOL Just so you know, it IS totally possible it was Kenny, since a comedian and comedy writer is considering buying the house hubby's working on, so the rich and famous are definitely hanging around there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Rat Race

We have a basement under our house. Well, it's kind of a basement, our house is raised on posts, but it's hovering over the foundation of an older house, which is semi-enclosed. Anyway, there are rats down there, and that's just nasty. So we bought some rat traps, hubby and WE put their names on them and are now having a contest to see whose trap can catch the most rats. WE's ahead right now with one, and he was so proud of that thing. It was like a hunter getting his first kill. I'm hoping this contest is really productive so we can get rid of all the nasties crawling around down there.

I think I mentioned the other day that I was helping Tony with his books. He's such a sweet kid that I was kind of feeling guilty charging him for it. But after today, I feel much better. While working on his checkbook, I discovered that he was being screwed royally by the company that he runs credit cards through. Since April, he's been paying $70 a month rent on a credit card machine that cost $160, among other things. Because of me, he's changing all that and it'll save him probably about $100 a month. So now I feel like I earned my pay.

Random Daydreamer Fact: chocolate covered cherries and peanut M&M's are my favorite candy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Love is a Popsicle

Sissy, Candy's nice and all, but Jensen...yum, just yum.

Angel #1 has been listening to this song lately, I can't understand what the guy is saying, it sure sounds like he's saying "my love is a popsicle", but I'm guessing he's not.

My kids are driving me nuts more than usual today. Everyone insists on reading out loud to me, Angel #4 is writing a book and she's read the blurb she wrote an average of 5 times per person in our family. WE is reading Hank the Cowdog and sharing lines with us and Angel #2 has been addicted to reading recipes in Family Circle magazine and asking me what some of the ingredients are. Those women's magazines always seem to have a bunch of stupid recipes with weird ingredients that normal people don't have in their kitchens. Anyway, this is especially annoying because I've just started reading the latest Stephanie Plum book Plum Spooky and hate getting interrupted. I know that Ranger isn't going to show up because he and Morelli are never part of the between the numbers books, but I can't help hoping. Disel's nice, but he's no Ranger.

Book Review Tuesday: Amazing Traveler: Isabella Bird by Evelyn Kaye. Isabella is just so cool. About 6 or 7 years ago I read a biography of her and when I saw a new one on the shelf of the library, I knew I wanted to know more. A world traveler back in the late 1800's, when traveling wasn't as easy as it is now, she traveled alone, rare for a woman in those days. She was utterly fearless and willing to try anything. If you ever get a chance to read about her, do so, you'll be amazed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How'd time get away from me?

Wow, it's been Wednesday since I last posted. How the heck did that happen? Hubby hijacked my computer, so that's probably the main reason. He sold his laptop and hasn't gotten around to buying a new one to replace it yet, so he's been doing his work stuff and internet cruising on mine instead. I can handle that, but when I saw that he replaced my desktop picture with one of Jessica Simpson, it was war. I don't usually care what my desktop looks like, the picture he replaced was a stupid cat one that Angel #2 had put up, but Jessica Simpson? Come on! So I switched it out with a really yummy one of Jensen Ackles, so all is good. :D

Saturday, Hubby was telling me how his buddy, Tony, needed someone to get his Quickbooks program for his business straightened out so he could get his stuff to an accountant for taxes. I said I'd be happy to do it. I went there this morning and Tony showed me the piles of papers he had sitting around, then showed me his Quickbooks. I asked when was the last time he reconciled his checkbook and I got a blank stare...that's when I knew I had my work cut out for me. I was there for over 4 hours today and so far have his checks from September all straightened out and that's all I accomplished. But, is it totally warped of me to say I love doing that kind of thing? Organizing office messes is such a rush, kind of like playing a giant game of solitaire where you start sorting things, putting them where they belong and finally, you get something finished and filed away all nice and neat. Okay, so I get excited over weird stuff, what can I say?