Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Great Pineapple Rescue

Jeannie, when I get my prize from AD, I'll give you yours. :D Maybe I'll sing a Jimmy Buffet song and dedicate it to you.

The other day we noticed some pineapple leaves poking through the vegetation growing along the side of the driveway. We figured if they were ever going to produce, they'd have to get weeded, so that's what I did today. Some of those poor plants were buried under vines and there was a stand of raspberries right in the middle of them, and I had to don my leather glove (I could only find one of them) and pull the thorny things out of there...after eating all the berries off, of course. All in all, I found about half a dozen pineapple plants. They look kind of rough right now, but I think after a little while of sun and rain without the competition of viney stuff and raspberry stalks, they should take right off. Now, I've just got to clear a space so I can plant the three pineapple plants I've got in pots.

Next on my outdoor agenda is clearing the area around the bee hives. There's a lot of long grass growing around them and the hives have been neglected for a while, so I think it would be nice to get it cleaned up and make the bees happy. Hopefully, whoever it is who owns the hives are okay with us taking them over. I'm not sure who they belong to, but whoever it is hasn't been taking care of them. I've been interested in beekeeping for years, yet never did anything about it besides read books. I'm currently working my way through Beekeeping for Dummies, and now there there's a hive right at my fingertips, I just might start nosing around there and getting a real live bee education. BUZZ!

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