Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just your average Friday night

"Mom, there's a rasta guy playing Hawaiian drums at the end of the driveway. He wants me to open up the gate so he can get in." Now those are words you don't hear very often. My response was obvious, I looked at hubby and said, "You've got to go deal with the rasta guy at the end of the driveway." I'm good at problem solving that way. I thought I'd heard drums coming from the front of the house, but since our neighbors next door were having a very loud party, I thought it was just an odd trick of sound making it seem like there were drums playing at the end of the driveway. Guess not. Turns out, rasta guy was looking for the neighbors party, so hubby sent him down the road and since I shortly afterwards heard drums coming from the rear, I assume he found it. They partied until about 3:30, it didn't bother me, I fell right to sleep, with one brief blip at around 2:30 when they were yelling particularly loud. But, hubby couldn't sleep, which isn't a good thing, since he's flying to the mainland tonight, so will be spending the night in an airplane, which isn't a very comfortable place to sleep. He's going to be one tired boy when he finally gets to Texas Sunday morning.

Once we dealt with rasta guy, hubby and I went to bed. We weren't snuggled in for more than 5 minutes when an odd sound came from the bathroom. Once again, I sent hubby to investigate (what am I going to do about investigating stuff next week when he's out of town?) and he discovered that his electric toothbrush turned itself on. He turned it off and went back to bed, and the toothbrush started up again. He wapped it on the side of the sink for a while and it finally turned off, but I think this looks like a job for Jay, Grant and the rest of the Ghosthunters crew. Especially since WE is sure he saw a ghost in the basement Thursday night - though I think it has more to do with the fact that the basement totally freaks him out rather than any actual hauntings. He told me this morning that when he heard rasta guy's drums last night, he thought the Night Marchers (Hawaiian ghost warriors) were coming to get him and he was thinking he was going to have to pee in the doorway of his bedroom. Pee in the doorway? I asked. Yep, peeing in doorways keep out both the Night Marchers and the Menehunes (Hawaiian troll-like things). I told him that I'd suggest dealing with the Menehunes and Night Marchers, because they'll go easier on him then I will if I find out he's been peeing in the doorways.

Angel #2 went out with friends last night. Supposedly, it was for Valentine's day, though there was a definite shortage of boyfriends. Rose's boyfriend lives in Saipan, Shannon's boyfriend has bronchitis and is coughing up blood and the Angel is boyfriendless (which makes her father VERY happy), so the only guy in the group was Alohi's boyfriend, a blue-haired boy named Alec. Yes, my daughter went to the movies with Papa Smurf. Afterwards, 2 of the girls came home with us and spent the night, which made me very happy for the really thick, heavy wooden doors to the girls bedroom. We couldn't hear a thing from that end of the house, which is much nicer than our last place, where we could hear everything. From what they told me they were doing last night, it sounded like they were having a major giggle fest in there.

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Tanya T said...

Peeing in, not good!
Oh those dreaded sleepover nights, i can't wait until my daughter outgrows that, it usually means no sleep for me.