Friday, March 13, 2015

YAY for 60 degrees!!

The last couple days have been so gorgeous!  I've hung laundry out on the line, raked gravel out of the grass at the side of the driveway, cleaned out the asparagus patch and the dead leaves and stalks from the flowers alongside the grainery.   The irises are already starting to come up, how cool is that?  After I exhausted all my excuses for being outside, I brought the outside in by washing windows.  I didn't get them all done, but I've got a good start.  It's just so nice smelling fresh air that doesn't freeze your lungs and seeing a little bit of green showing up outside again.  Angel #4's boyfriend was asking me when I want to get started on building my raised beds for strawberries, so he must be getting spring fever too.  He's going to build the beds for me and get me some sandy soil so I can finally finally finally have my own strawberry patch, something I've wanted forever but never had.  I can't wait.  The boyfriend also fixed a broken barn door for me yesterday.  I've informed #4 that she's never allowed to break up with this boy, and if she does, we're keeping him and getting rid of her.  He's pretty handy around the house and yard and is also really tall, so he can reach stuff on high shelves.  Definitely a keeper, imo.

WE is getting all settled in at his new barracks in San Diego.  After a couple months at Fort Leonard Wood (aka Fort Lost in the Woods) in Missouri, he's more than happy to be back to the land of warmth and beaches.  From the sounds of things, he more than likely will spend the rest of his time in the Marines at Pendleton, which, as a mother makes me happy, but for him, as a Marine, he's a bit disappointed he probably won't be deployed.  Turns out that when you're 18 and think you're invincible, getting sent off to some nasty foreign place where people shoot at you is a good thing.  As a mom, of course, I see things a bit differently.  But, it's his life, his decision, my job is to just grin and bear it.

I discovered that my cell phone is a time machine, as a Dr Who fan, I'm hoping it's a mini-TARDIS.  I got a text today from my friend dated with today's date and time stamped 9:26 pm.  Odd thing is, it was only 6:20pm when I received the text.  Yep, Connie was contacting me from the future!!  I'm sure you're wondering what amazing futuristic insight I got from her text so I'll share:  She wanted to know if I had a rubber chicken she could borrow.  I guess in the future there's a horrific rubber chicken shortage and she was reaching out to the past to rectify the situation.  Sadly enough, I couldn't do anything to change the course of the future as I have no rubber chicken.

Is it weird that I was more taken aback by the wrong time stamp on my text than by the fact that my friend thought I was the go-to person in her search for rubber chickens?