Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now this is getting beyond ridiculous

We had a few days in the 20's and even 2 in the upper 30's in the last couple weeks, but were back to temps below zero again.  I'm so sick of being cold all the time.  Fortunately, hubs is a heating guy and he put electric coils in our furnace to heat the  house, otherwise we would have had to fork over $5 a gallon for LP to keep our house warm.  As it is, we're using electric to keep things warm until the price drops below $2.89, whenever that may be.  I'm just hoping it happens before we run out of fuel, because though we don't need it to heat the house, it does keep my stove going and I'm not going to have to microwave supper until the price of LP drops to a normal level.

It would also be nice for the temps to rise so hubs can put my bumper back on.  Yeah, remember back almost 2 months ago when WE went ditch diving in my van and the front bumper came off?  Well, the bumper is still sitting in the barn waiting to be reattached.  It's just been too stinking cold to spend a couple hours in an unheated barn putting a chunk of plastic back into place.  I've been looking really classy driving around in my redneck mobile.  WE's van is the same make and model as mine, only a year older.  It's in pretty sorry shape and we're hoping it'll last til the end of the school year.  Once he's gone and doesn't need a vehicle anymore, I think we're going to cannibalize it and replace all the broken stuff on my van with the unbroken stuff from his.  His van is white and mine is red, but I'd rather have a white side mirror on a red van than no mirror at all, so I'm willing to put up with it.  

Last night hubs suggested we go to the regional playoff basketball game.  As much as I hate basketball, I've got to admit that this one kept me (and everyone else) on the edge of my seat.  Our boys lost after double overtime.  It was pretty heartbreaking.  I did have a little chuckle during the game though.  Last night, WE was telling us about one of his friends in foods class.  This boy liked a girl and to let her know his feelings, he gave her the pan of cherry crisp he made in class.  WE was shocked that he didn't even take a piece out for himself first and teased the poor guy about it.  Well, last night, the girl who received the cherry crisp was holding a sign with the boys name on it at the basketball game.  It just shows the power of love and cherry crisp.

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