Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's give a big Daydreamer Blog welcome to Debbie!

We bought a car today, its name is Debbie. Debbie is a 2001 Toyota Echo and gets MUCH better gas mileage than my mini-van. The mini-van keeps having problems and is slowly falling apart and we've also realized that we usually only go someplace as an entire family on Sundays to church and Wednesdays to bible study, otherwise it's just me in the van with a kid or two, so I don't really need a big vehicle for my daily running. Hubby also has a full sized service van for work that he really doesn't need to drive all the time, so whoever has the most driving to do for the day will get custody of Debbie. We figure she'll pay for herself in gas savings in about a year.

Monday is the first official day of spring break. The Angels have the next 2 weeks off from school. Uh...yay? Well, they're happy about it anyway. I'm still fighting off a cold. I was pretty sick on Wednesday, but downed a bunch of Emergen-C and felt better by Friday. But Saturday I was back to sneezing and nose blowing, which stinks. I've better today and hopefully the cold is gone for good, because being sick is no fun.


Tanya T said...

Congrats on Debbie!!
You are not alone in the battle of the head cold, my youngest was so kind to pass her nasty cold along to me. I think i need to find some of that EmergenC stuff you posted about.I've heard other people rave about it, i just haven't tried it yet.

JeanieC said...

Be careful about using too much EmergenC, DD. Large doses can cause kidney stones, or at least it did in one of my coworkers. He swore it off after that.