Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pit just isn't really his game

We had a family game of Pit this evening. Winner was the first to hit 300 and I took the game with a final score of 330. As usual, WE came in dead last with a score of -60. WE REALLY is a bad Pit player. In his usual attempts to scam people, it all turns around to bite him in the butt. In one game he was holding both negative cards with plans to trade them off at the last second of the game so someone else would loose all the points. Of course, this backfired and he ended that round with a -40. He just doesn't have mad Pit skilz like his mother.

A writer friend has run into hard times. Both she and her husband have lost their jobs and their house was just foreclosed on. Right now they're living with relatives while attempting to get back on their feet. In response, some of us have donated books to be auctioned off, the proceeds going to Lucinda and her family. If you'd like to help someone in need while getting some great books (signed by the authors) check this out.

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