Thursday, March 26, 2009

a day of renegade cows and too many children

Spring break is in full swing. I somehow ended up with three extra children today, two of which are vegetarians, which makes feeding them a bit of a challenge. I made Angel #2 and her friend make vegetarian enchiladas and they turned out pretty good and everyone could eat without worries of tarnishing their stomachs with meat.

This morning, Angel #1 went out to his car and came back to report that there was a huge pile of poop next to his car. Of course, this got the younger kids excited and they all had to go out and investigate. Since it looks like a cow pie, and we don't actually HAVE a cow, the logical deduction is that there is a wild cow running around our property. Now, if you had a wild cow on your property, what would you do? Why, make plans to trap and tame it of course. I'm not sure how this is going to go down, but I DO know that I'm planning on steering clear of the whole cow catching operation.

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JeanieC said...

"Steering clear"! Bwahaaaaaaaa! Good one, DD.