Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sad day

It was kind of a day of death here today. It started this morning when I read the obits from the paper back in Wisconsin. A family friend died. When I was really little, her parents were like another set of grandparents to us and we used to go there to visit them when we were little. They both died many years ago, and now their daughter has died at 80 years old.

We then heard news that a friend of mine and hubby's for over 20 years suffered a massive heart attack. He survived, but has refused further treatment. We gave him a call today and were very comforted by his attitude and willingness to accept death when it comes. He's only in his 50's, so is very young yet, but he feels he's ready to go. His prognosis isn't good and chances are, he won't make it much more than another 6 months.

Shortly after getting off the phone with him, hubby received another phone call. A friend of ours (mostly hubby's) we'd met down here lost his battle with drug addiction. Matt had been battling drugs for most of his short 31 years. He's been in and out of rehab numerous times, but kept getting snared back into drugs. His parents, also friends of ours, did what they could to help him, but sometimes you can never do enough. Now they've lost their only child and a little boy has lost his father. I just thought of the contrast between Dan's calm acceptance of death and Matt's abrupt end to a sad, tormented life. Just goes to show that we always have to be ready. It can come when we're old, like Loraine, middle aged like Dan or young like Matt. You never know.

They always say death comes in threes - I sure didn't expect it all in one day.

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Alaine said...

That is a rough day. I'm sorry for your losses. :(