Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't worry, he says

The boys have decided to go pig hunting. They're both in camouflage, armed and, in Angel #1's case, in real live army boots obtained from the leftovers stash at JrROTC headquarters. The hunting thing lasted about half an hour, then they got hot and decided to go swimming...fully clothed. I tried to tell them no, but was stopped by hubby who said, "don't worry". That's it, just don't worry, like THAT'S going to take care of the wet drippy clothes that will soon be invading my laundry room much like the wild pigs under our mango tree (which no one managed to see/shoot/capture during this hunting expedition). I'm sure it will only be a matter of minutes before two drippy, naked, former pig hunters will come traipsing through my house in search of a hot shower and dry clothes.

Debbie got to go out on her inaugural drive today, but once again, I wasn't the driver. Angel #1 got the honors of taking her downtown for errands today. Hubby got to take her home last night after we bought her, so I've yet to actually get behind the wheel. Hopefully tomorrow morning we can go cruising when I go to meet my writing posse at Borders. We got a good look at her interior today and have decided that she's in desperate need of a steam cleaning, poor girl's seats are positively filthy. I don't know what those people were doing with her, but it sure was nasty.

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