Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate you all. Today, they took Matt's ashes out to the ocean and spread them out in the water. Hubby went out on the boat, I stayed home, having experienced enough grief for one weekend. After they dumped the ashes, there was a lot of singing, just like there was last night at the memorial. Matt comes from a very musical background and his father associated with many big names in the music industry, especially heavy metal bands (his dad makes high-end electric guitars). Hubby said the music was just unbelievable tonight on the boat. Getting a big group of professional musicians together to just jam is really something, and what a mixed group. Members of Pantera (heavy metal) and the Oak Ridge Boys (country) mixed in with some local Hawaiian musicians all played together like they had it planned. Funerals sure are different here than they are in Wisconsin.

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Amber said...

I agree that addiction is so tragic...when they get to the point where the only thing that matters is the drugs. I cannot imagine seeing his little guy up near the casket, that would be so heartbreaking. Hang in there.