Monday, March 2, 2009

Test time

I'm helping WE study for his social studies test. I just started asking him some of the questions on the study guide the teacher sent home. First question was "What is the Hamakua Ditch?" He said it was something about the evolution of shrimp. I have no idea what the right answer was and assumed he knew what he was talking about. Then, I asked when did Lili'uokalani take office? He said, WAIT. What class is this for? He thought I was quizzing him on his science test and since I have no idea what class Mr. Nahuina teaches, I really didn't know what he was studying for either. Turns out the Hamakua Ditch has nothing to do with evolving shrimp and everything to do with sugar cane irrigation. But, he still had science on the brain apparently, since his answer to the next question: Who did President Cleveland send to investigate the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian government? His answer was Charles Darwin. I think we need to spend a little more time studying.

Angel #2 came home from school just a tad bit worked up. She found out that Snarf has a crush on her. Snarf is exactly what you'd imagine a boy nicknamed Snarf would be like, hence her distress. She's hoping he gets over it real soon.

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