Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some people just don't learn

We played Pit again tonight. Out of pity, when WE hit -140, we brought his score back up to zero. He still came in last place with -20. The kid REALLY sucks at Pit. Since it's a game we play a lot, our cards are starting to get a little beat up, especially the bear card, which gets used and passed around the most, so tonight, after WE failed to ditch the bear card because we all recognized it and wouldn't trade with him, we modified one of the other, little used cards and made that our new bear card. It'll put things on a little more even playing field again. We had to do this with our last Pit game also, actually we had to modify a new bear card twice because the originally modified one got as beat up as the real bear card did. We eventually retired the whole game and got a new one. If you haven't noticed, our family really likes to play Pit. It was our favorite card game when I was growing up and I passed the love of the game on to my own kids and husband. My family loves the game so much, that one time, back when my little brother was in his mid-20's and still a bachelor, he came over to our house to play. He kept getting phone calls from his friends wanting him to meet him someplace or go to a party somewhere, and he kept turning them down so he could continue playing. I think it's a sickness.

Due to the lack of a ride the NOT boyfriend didn't come over today, but is supposed to come tomorrow instead. We'll see how he handles things here. He's an only child and our family is a bit exuberant...we may be too much for the poor kid.

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milesky1 said...

How do you play Pit? Sounds like you need a special deck of cards.