Friday, April 10, 2009

Bigfoot lives

It was a Sasquatchy sort of day today. It started last night when WE was hiding in the bushes and jumped out to scare his friend. The little boy said he thought it was a sasquatch. Then, this morning, Angel #4's friend called Angel #2 a sasquatch. This afternoon we were talking about the strange noises I heard last night (more on that later) and our friend, Chris said that maybe it was a sasquatch. Finally, #4's friend's dad came to pick her up. He was talking about mythical creatures, unicorns, WE being well-behaved, Pegasus, sasquatch. Seriously, how often do you hear sasquatches mentioned? Maybe every 6 months? a year? None of the four people that mentioned them today heard the others talk about them. All the mentions happened hours apart when the other mentioners weren't around. How weird is that?

As for last nights weird noises. I was lying in bed around 10pm, when I heard this thumping noise, like someone walking back and forth across a room. I thought it was the boys, though they were up in their bedroom, so it really didn't make sense because they're in a different part of the house than me. After about 10-15 minutes, the noise stopped, which was good because I really didn't feel like getting out of bed to yell at whoever was making the thumping noise. This morning, the mystery of teh thumps was solved. Angel #2 said she was walking 'the ramp' last night. Instead of steps leading to our basement, we've got a ramp. Walking on an inclined surface is a good workout, according to #2, so she walked up and down the ramp to get exercise. The ramp is situated directly under our bed. I told her in the future to start exercising a little earlier in the evening. Tonight, at 9, I could hear here thump-thumping up and down the ramp.

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