Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I won't be calling him to go zombie hunting

This morning I was telling hubby about a dream I had last night. I was being chased by zombies and, like all dumb women in horror movies, I thought hiding out in a cabin in the woods by myself was a good idea. So, there I was in my cabin, killing zombies like a regular Buffy. I told hubby that the odd thing was that all I had to do to kill the zombies was to stab them anywhere with a knife and they'd go down instead of having to shoot them in the head. The hubster gave me a blank look and I said, you know, the real way to kill zombies is that you have to shoot them in the head. Then he revealed to me that he didn't know that you had to head-shot a zombie to kill it and I was amazed at his ignorance. Latter I was telling my brother about hubby's cluelessness regarding the disposal of zombies and my brother - my own brother who is closer to me personality-wise than anyone else in the world - told me he didn't know you killed zombies via the head. I thought that was common knowledge. Doesn't everyone know you have to shoot or otherwise debrain a zombie in order to kill it? Personally, I'm appalled at my family's ignorance regarding self defense against zombies. If we're ever invaded by hungry zombies, they'll be lucky to have me around, I can tell ya that much.

Talk about my brother. My family practically never calls me. The last time my dad called, my first thought was that somebody must have died...I was right. This morning, my brother called me to wish me a belated happy birthday. I was surprised to hear from him, but it was nice to sit and chat with him for a bit. Within an hour after I hung up with him, one of my sisters called me. Two family phone calls in one hours time - it's a new family record! BTW, she called to tell me that she was mailing my birthday card today. It looks like the guilt induced by forgetting your sister's birthday prompts people to pick up the phone and call. My sister, Kim, is the only person who managed to get me a birthday card by my birthday this year. So, if you see Kim, give her a big atta girl! (for you late ones, I'll be expecting lots of chocolate compensation :P )


Adamsdarling said...

Happy belated birthday!

JeanieC said...

Sheesh! Who doesn't know you have to shoot zombies in the head to kill them? These folks need to watch "Night of the Living Dead" and brush up -- you never know when the zombies will strike and you'd better be darn ready.