Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the influenza of the pigs will kill us all

Not really, but Angel #2 is teaching herself Spanish and this is one of the phrases she's learned - it ought to come in about as handy as the other phrase she's learning: I have taste of the sauce of bar-b-q on my rice. Um...yeah

Hubby is feeling better today - so it looks like the influenza of the pigs didn't do him in. Since there wasn't time to do the moped trip, he and Chris took Debbie (the car) around the island instead. They weren't sure if they were going to camp somewhere overnight or not, but they came wandering home around 9 pm, so I guess they decided that a real bed was better than a sleeping bag on the beach.

Angel #2 is taking pictures of the two of us at the moment and I've decided that I'm the most unphotogenic person in the universe. I always look awful in pictures-or maybe I just look awful and pictures are showing the real me...I prefer to think I"m just unphotogenic. :P

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Shelley said...

I don't know what we all think we look like, but certainly not like the pictures that are always taken of us.