Monday, April 13, 2009


After this crass promotional message by Angel #2, we will come back to our regularly scheduled blog post.
angel #2 has an awesome playlist! go to to hear coolness that will blow your eardrums!!! be my friend =]

Isn't it pathetic that she has to go online and beg for friends?

you're one to talk!

btw I'm jacking her computer! the entire USA must send me a dollar (that would be per person) or I will wipe out your favorites! bwahaha! anyway...

Angel #2 had a can of Mountain Dew when she got home from school. Her caffeine tolerance is pretty much nil and she's been bouncing off the walls and basically driving us all nuts. Now she can drive you nuts too.

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Angel #2 said...

btw I also probably wont be your friend (heehee) so just write a message and I call tell you the songs and artists and stuff like that. and also if you're exciting enough I'll let you talk to me (I'm so nice =]). k bye! oh yeah the dollar thing also applies to like people from england and australia and stuff. I would prefer american money but you know any kind is good. yen, pesos, quid, whatever. k bye again! =]