Friday, April 3, 2009

What a crazy random happenstance

Today I was at the grocery store, looking for a can of black beans. I knew I was in the right aisle, but not exactly sure where the black beans were. Then, about 10 feet away, a can fell off the shelf onto the floor. There was no one near the shelf where it fell off and no one had been near it recently that I had seen. I thought that was rather odd, but wait! It gets odder. When I walked up to the possessed can I read the label and it was a can of BLACK BEANS. But those alert readers out there probably already guessed that. I picked up the can and tossed it into my cart and went my merry way. Strange thing, when I was in the produce aisle about 10 minutes earlier, I was debating if I should buy another bag of potatoes or not and, wouldn't you know, there was a bag of potatoes lying on the floor in the middle of the aisle in front of me. One more odd shopping experience. This morning, Angel #2 was telling me about a dream she had about making 3 angelfood cakes (1 for starving kids in Africa and 2 for everyone at church). We love angelfood cake, so when I saw it on sale today, I decided to buy all the mixes they had. There were, you guessed it, exactly THREE boxes of angelfood cake mix on the shelf. *insert Twilight Zone music here* I think Safeway is haunted....maybe by the ghost of Mr. Whipple, though I didn't buy toilet paper.

Another funny thing that happened at Safeway about a month ago. I was half listening to the PA and it was playing an ad for some kind of contest the store chain was putting on. It must have just been a canned announcement that the main office put out because it was telling me that some lucky person could win a trip to Hawaii! I was less than excited. I think I spend too much time at Safeway.

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Heather T said...

You didn't get excited about the possibility of winning a trip to Hawaii??;0) Being the intelligent person that I am...I guessed that the possessed can was black beans before I read that it was...takes alot of brains to be a smart blonde like myself!;0) Anyway, just thought I would ck in! Hope all is well with all a y'all!;0)