Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting back to nature

I planted part of the garden today. I now have cucumbers, green beans, zuchinni, onions and pipinola growing away. The place where our garden is is the original garden spot was for the house way back in the old days when this was a working farm. It's a walled in spot that's been neglected for 5-10 years and was way overgrown with grass. This isn't regular grass like we had in Wisconsin, this is huge, 10 foot tall blades of death. Hubby and the boys hacked away at it with machetes. Then we hauled all the downed grass away and have been trying to dig the roots up. The roots are so tight and compact, that we're using a pickax to chop away and loosen it before chopping chunks of it loose with a shovel. It's hard work, but we're getting there. About 2/3 of the garden area is cleared out now and I wanted to get things growing. Hopefully we'll get the rest cleared out in the next week or two and have the whole area ready to go. It'll be nice to have fresh veggies again.

The flowers must be peaking lately or something. Every night the air is just heavy with the smell, it's just heavenly. I wish it was a little bit warmer outside so we could open the windows and let the scent flow through the house. Instead, we just stand out on the porch and inhale. Life is good.


JeanieC said...

I was doing that just today, DD. A friend of mine and I were standing in our driveway talking and she stopped to inhale deeply and said, "What is that?" I replied, "It's the hyacinths." I have a ton of them planted next to the mailbox and along the driveway and they smell heavenly.

Tanya T said...

Ohhhh, i wish i could smell flowers right now! We have snow falling as i type this, this sucks, i'm getting so tired of Wisconsin winters.I guess i shouldn't complain when the temps hit 90 this summer since we don't have very long summers anymore.My tulips are just starting to pop up out of the ground, barely, with this crazy weather though i wonder how long it will take for the rest of the perenials to pop up.

Heather T said...

Oooh...I wish it were warm enough here to get excited about the possibility of fresh veggies! *SIGH* We're supposed to get more snow, though. (insert pouty face and whining here);0) Enjoy it for the rest of us still up here in the North Pole!;0)