Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pwn'd again Adeline!

Another one of our long lost items showed up yesterday. The cover for the salad bowl that has been missing for a couple months showed itself behind the crisper drawer in the fridge. I suppose the fact that I cleaned out the fridge when we originally lost the stupid thing means nothing. Things are being found in inverse proportion to when they were lost, which means that next on the list to be found will be my Mouli. Yay!

The flying plaster in the kitchen problem is solved as well. Before he headed off to Hawaii, hubs figured that the plaster flying into the kitchen was Adeline's way of telling us that we really need to get the ceiling put up in the kitchen. So, hubs got the drywall hung and there's no play for the plaster to come flying out anymore. This is a great thing, both because there's a ceiling in my kitchen now for the first time since we moved here and also because it was getting annoying cleaning up plaster in the kitchen all the time. BUT (there's always a but with these things) I just went into the bathroom, the bathroom I just cleaned yesterday, and saw two pieces of plaster lying on the floor in there. We pulled the ceiling out of that room before we moved in, it was disgusting. I think there was about 60 years of mouse poop piled up on those tiles. I cleaned out all the poop and plaster chunks, scrubbed the entire place with bleach and used both a liquid and powder deodorizer up in the rafters. These wasn't any plaster left up there that I could reach, but apparently that doesn't stop Adeline, the ghostly plaster thrower. Looks like hubs is going to have to put the ceiling in in there when he gets home so Adeline doesn't get all worked up again.

Talk about the bathroom, it's also serving double duty as a chicken coop. By the end of the incubator adventure we came out with 9 baby chicks. They're eventually going up into the unfinished attic room upstairs, but they're so little now and it gets pretty chilly up there yet, so they get to live in the bathroom until I get sick of them and they get transferred upstairs. Hopefully the weather gets warm enough that they can start living in the barn by the end of April. Since we had such a low incubator turnout, I'm going to have to order more chicks from the co-op. So I've got the feeling I'm going to be a chicken mom for pretty much the entire spring.

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