Sunday, March 11, 2012

Human error RE smoosher thing

Okay, I found the missing smoosher thing, turns out I moved it into a different cupboard a while ago and just forgot. So, we can't blame Adeline the ghost for that one. We've been having the mysterious flying plaster again in the kitchen though. You know, where the broken chunks of plaster from the unfinished kitchen ceiling come flying 2 feet out into the room at random times. It hadn't been doing it for the last couple weeks, but it started up again. I got sick of cleaning it up, so I risked putting my hand up into the dark, dirty unknown of the ceiling and I pulled all the loose plaster chunks out that I could and threw them away. Hopefully, this will stop the random flying plaster issue. Hubs lost his glasses last week. He only uses them for night driving and usually keeps them in his truck. They were MIA for a while, but he found them today, lying under some junk behind the freezer in the basement. Why were they under junk in the basement when, to my knowledge, hubs has never done any basement night driving? I have no idea. But, since they were down there, I thought maybe our other missing stuff was there too, so I searched the basement with a flashlight. I'm sad to say I had no luck, no Mouli, no salad bowl cover or PoC dvd. I did notice that we have a really nasty old basement though, but I already knew that, so no surprises there.

All last summer, when I was busy working outside in the garden, canning veggies and all that other busy summer stuff, I kept looking at the kitchen cabinets, wanting to paint them. But, being busy, I knew painting them would be a winter project. Well, the beginning of winter I painted the upper cabinets but ran out of steam before I could do the lower ones, so I just left them. This week, I realized that it was March already and I still hadn't done the lower cabinets. It funny how you get so used to things, you don't even notice them anymore, like the fact that my upper kitchen cabinets are a dark melon color and the lower ones were bright yellow - also that there's no drywall on my kitchen ceiling and hasn't been since we moved in, but that's a whole 'nother story. So I got down there and finally got my lower cabinets painted this week and I'm really pleased with the result. The melon color looks awesome with the turquoise walls. Someday, when I find the camera, I'll take a picture and post it here for you so you can see see the wonderfulness of it. Now...if we only had a ceiling. Hubs did hang another sheet of drywall up there today, which brings us to 2 sheets. At the rate we're going, 1 sheet hung every 6 months, I estimate my kitchen will have a complete ceiling sometime in the fall of 2014. Then, it'll be on to the bathroom, which also doesn't have a ceiling.

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