Monday, March 12, 2012

one thing leads to another

You know how you decide to do something, but before you can do it, you have to do something else, which in turn, makes you have to do something else until your life looks like a huge Rube-Goldberg contraption? That would be my life. As you know, we live in a really old house. Our living room has the original painted wood floor. I painted it blue before we moved in. I chose blue because that's the color the old wood floor in my grandparents house was and it brought back good memories. Old houses should just have blue floors, I think it's a rule. But, that was back in July and the floor was swelled from humidity. It's now March and the constant heat running in the house has dried out the wood and we've got some pretty big cracks where the wood meets in some places. It makes sweeping and scrubbing kind of difficult. I mentioned to hubs that we should probably caulk up the cracks while they're there so the caulk can contract and expand with the wood, making my floor a little easier to keep clean. He bought some caulk and yesterday and today, there was some major crack caulking done. Of course, now my blue floor has white caulk lines all over it.

Not only has my blue floor taken a horrific beating with all the critters running around, the moving of furniture and the remodeling, I've realized that as much as I love my blue colored floor, blue doesn't match the color of dirt very well. So I've decided that as long as the white crack lines (that sounds drug related, doesn't it?) need to be painted, I should do the whole floor and I'm going to paint it a different color. Dirt-colored. But....before I do the floor, I might as well do the walls first. I painted the living room trim before we moved in, but I left the walls alone. They were kind of a dirty tan color and while I wasn't crazy about it, I had more important things to worry about last summer, so they stayed as they were. But if I did the walls now, before doing the floor, I could paint without needing to use a drop cloth, so it was obvious what I needed to do. I wasn't sure what color I wanted to paint the room, but then I remembered the random gallons of paint we've got piled up in the basement. Someone gave hubs a bunch of paint they'd had made up, then decided they didn't like the colors, so they just passed them on to him in hopes that he could find a use for them. Since I'm not too picky, I've already used one gallon to paint the laundry room and pulled out another gallon today to do the living room. The color was called Georgia Peach. Not something I would have chosen, but it's not too bad, it's more of a slightly orange tan than a peach, and it brightens up the room a bit, besides, it was free and free is always good. We've still got a gallon downstairs called Bluebird and it is beyond obnoxious. I don't think I'll ever get desperate enough to use Bluebird on anything that I'm going to be exposed to on a regular basis. Maybe if we ever have to paint the basement or something. Now, I've got to get some floor paint so I can finish this room up and have something else crossed off my list. Painting a floor is not going to be easy when there are 3 cats and a dog wandering around the house. I'm going to have to use my imagination and come up with some kind of barrier.

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