Monday, March 26, 2012

Ancient Family Secret Recipes

Okay, for Afton, the ingredients to make my grandma's homemade liver sausage. Incidentally, it's the best liver sausage on the face of the planet. My grandma is long gone, but my Uncle Russ still makes this, and I will too, when I've got the time and the inclination. The recipe calls for:
1 pig head
1 liver
1 heart
1 tongue
sage, allspice, nutmeg, salt & pepper

there is much boiling, grinding and baking to do once the ingredients are gathered. Since I only have half a head, I can only make half a batch...though, I can't see that pig heads are in that great of a demand, I would think that it wouldn't take much to got another half from the butcher shop.

In addition to making liver sausage, I've also got half a pigs worth of lard to render. Something I will do when it's a bit warmer outside and I can open all the windows, otherwise the entire house will smell more like grease than it's going to anyway.

Tonight is Angel #4's school concert. Rent-a-Grandma is coming over for supper, then we're off to the concert. Hopefully, it'll go better than the Christmas one did and I won't have some moron talking on his cell during #4's solo again. It amazes me that in this day and age, people still don't understand basic cell phone etiquette. A couple weeks ago, I actually heard a man use his cell in the library on SPEAKER PHONE! Can you believe people? Sometimes, I miss the pre-cell phone days when people realized that they weren't so terribly important that the world needed to be in constant contact with them 24/7.

Saturday, the girls went to watch The Hunger Games. They said it wasn't as good as the book (movies never are) but it was good. #4 was so excited about the movie coming out and the fact that it came out right after her sister got home from Uruguay put it right over the top. She so wanted to go to the movie with #2 and spend a little sister time together.

While they were at the movies, I took WE shopping. This is his second year in Track and he's pretty good at it. The fact that their school is so small, therefore, so is the track team, he's become one of the movers and shakers on the team. Apparently, his $25 Walmart special shoes were okay when he was a freshman and are fine for practices, but since he's become a pivotal member of the time, he needed some trainers. Trainers, for those who don't know, are special, light-weight running/jumping shoes. They come with metal spikes you can screw into the soles to give you better grip on a rubber track. To say he was excited about those shoes would be a bit of an understatement. He was practically licking them when we took them out of the store. I'm the greatest mom in the world for buying them for him and he's going to be able to run like the wind and jump like a deer now. He was upset that he didn't have picture texting on his phone since he wanted to send a picture of his new track shoes to all his friends. The big decision this morning was if he was going to bring the shoes to school in their box or if he was going to put them in the handy-dandy little shoe bag that came with them. He ultimately decided on the bag, though he was talking about wrapping the shoes in bubble wrap before putting them inside. He proudly hung the bag over his shoulder as he was getting on the bus, making sure the words "Nike Track & Field" printed on the bag were facing out. I've never seen a kid so excited for track practice in my life.

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Afton said...

Thanks, DD! I admit, I was curious - I remember reading "Little House in the Big Woods" and they made head cheese. I always wondered what that is and wondered if you were making it. :)