Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow will not deter those hungry for fish

Hubs was really hungry for fish tonight and I was not in the mood to cook, so we decided to head out to a Friday night fish fry. The problem was that it was snowing to beat the band. I wasn't going to drive in it, but if hubs was willing to brave the weather, I would gladly ride shotgun. Now I'm stuffed full of broiled haddock, we're back safe and home and life is good.

Tomorrow is the area school's solo ensemble. It's being held at our school this year, so hubs and I are volunteering to work. We were assigned cafeteria duty, which was fine. Angel #4 has 3 different performances, a solo, a duet and a snare drum solo, and our volunteer assignment only overlapped during one of them, so we could watch her performances in the first two. But now, because of the weather, they've already arranged for a 2 hour delay, but our work hours are the same, and now they overlap all 3 of her scheduled performances. Hopefully it won't be too busy and we can sneak out of work to watch her.

In other exciting news, I'm going to be a chicken mom. We got an incubator and 21 fertilized eggs from the coop yesterday and they're now percolating in the downstairs bathtub. I chose the bathtub as their incubation spot because it was the one room in the house that it would be easy to keep the animals out of, yet was in a place where I'd see them easily and not forget to turn the eggs twice a day. We should have babies on March 21 or 22. With any luck, it'll be an early spring and they'll be able to go out in the barn by the middle or end of April. We've had baby chicks in the house before and they are really noisy, so the sooner they get outside, the better.

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