Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ha, Adeline, just HA!

First it was hubs glasses and the smoosher thing, now something else has been found. This morning, about an hour after I got back from the library after telling Chris, the librarian that the Pirates of the Carribean dvd was lost, I found it. I had finished caulking the floor and was moving a recliner back to where it was supposed to go and the dvd came out from under it. Not only had Angel #4 and I both looked under that chair (with a flashlight) but I'd also moved that chair 3 or 4 different times in the last couple days with my painting and caulking jobs. Why it waited until now to show up is anyone's guess. I suppose Adeline purposely waited until today, when I had to start paying overdue fines on the dumb thing before she finally gave it up. Fortunately, hubs was going near the library on an errand today, so he brought it back and we only had to fork over $1 fine, so it's not all bad.

It was such a beautiful day out today, not like March in Wisconsin is supposed to be at all. I went for a walk this afternoon and saw green grass starting to poke through the brown, my iris's are coming up and, most amazingly of all, a wooly-bear caterpillar making it's way down the road. A caterpillar on March 13th, amazing. If this weather keeps up, maybe I won't have to wait for Memorial Day weekend to plant my garden this year.

I talked to Angel #2 today and we discussed getting all her flights home booked. I'm not sure how anxious she is to come back, it sounds like she's having a great time down there, despite learning to rough it a bit...that, and the spiders, which she's not real fond of. At least she's learning to be braver. Before, if there was any kind of spider around, she'd freak out and I'd have to kill it for her, but now she's going after tarantulas with post hole diggers. My little girl is getting all self-sufficient on me.

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