Sunday, June 27, 2010

running on empty

I managed to sleep in until 7 this morning, which is much better than the 4:30-5 o'clock that I have been doing lately. I was planning on a leisurely morning, but at 9:30 my phone rang. The city marathon was today and the special olympics had an aid station to supply water, juice etc to the runners. The first group of volunteers started at 5:30am and the phone call was one of them asking who we had scheduled for the 2nd shift of 9:30-1. Uhhh, no one, apparently. So I told them I'd be right there to help. On the way, I called my friend Chris and told him to get out of bed and get ready because I was coming to pick him up to help with the aid station. He did pretty good and was practically ready when I got there 5 minutes later, though he was only half-dressed when I got there and was whining that he hadn't had his coffee yet. I told him to suck it up and be a man, we had marathoner to hydrate. It turned out to be a fun morning - one person bought a bunch of food and we were having a picnic as the runners were going past. We were trying to cheer them on, but it's hard to yell encouragement with your mouth full of sushi and hummus. We considered putting a "help yourself" sign on the liquids table, but thought that would be a bit much, so we continued passing out the drinks and spritzing them with water as they walked past. The very last runner was a guy who was doing the entire marathon on stilts. Doing a marathon is crazy enough, but on stilts? That's downright nuts.

After I got Chris and myself back to our respective homes, a guy came by and bought our massage table - one less thing to deal with for the move. Then a couple friends stopped by to pick up a key from me, they needed tools out of their shop and didn't have a key, so they used mine. I guess this morning, Ryan was working on his house when the roof started collapsing on him, fortunately, Tony had come over right at the time when Ryan was doing his Atlas imitation and holding the house up so it didn't fall on his head. After Ryan was rescued, they figured they needed more tools - I think they need a new house. While they were over, Tony said he'd buy our car. A few hours later, I sold hubby's work van, so 2 vehicles less for me to worry about. Things are shaping up. YAY

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