Thursday, June 3, 2010

2 down 2 to go

We got the boys off on their flight today and as I'm writing this, they're somewhere about 30,000 feet up between San Francisco and Chicago. They'll get in around 5am Chicago time, then it's a 3 hour wait for the final flight that'll bring them to Wisconsin. Hubs and Angel #4 leave around noon tomorrow. Man, it's going to be quiet around here for the next month, especially since Angel #2 got her drivers license. I got the feeling I won't be seeing much of either her, or Debbie, our Toyota Echo, in the future.

I got caught on my way to the bathroom at work yesterday. Usually, when Terry, the bathroom obsessed guy is around, I figure I'm better off holding it than having him waylay me on the way to the bathroom to discuss the latest bathroom business. But yesterday, I didn't see him standing there about 20 ft from the door until it was too late and he got me. He had to tell me all about the improvements he made in that oh-so-important room this week. It now has a hook on the door to hang jackets - which might be useful if the temps ever got below 75 degrees, which they don't. There's also a handle right next to the doorknob, I don't know why we need that since it's on the inside of the door and the door opens out, so there's no reason on earth why you would need a handle there, especially since you could hang on to the knob if you really wanted to stay up close and personal with the door. The last improvement is a door stop, so now we can keep the door propped open if we want. I'm very excited about that feature since it was just the other day when I was sitting on the toilet thinking, this experience would be complete if only I could prop the door open and enjoy the view of the garbage truck parking lot next door and be able to visit with the random crazy homeless people that hang out by our building while draining my bladder. Of course, I'm just too darn nice to use sarcasm with Terry when he's so excited about the new bathroom improvements - after all, he's just a nice, old, albeit slightly crazy maintenance man. So, I told him that he's making it so nice in there I just may never want to leave. The other bathroom next to ours (the one with the dark purple walls and mustard yellow floor) has a chandelier in it, so I'm wondering if I should put in a request for one of those in our bathroom as well. After all, all tenants should be treated the same, don't you think?

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