Friday, June 25, 2010

origami by lantern light

Yesterday evening, the power went out. It happens frequently in our little town and usually after 5-10 minutes, everything goes back on and all is well with the world. Well, last night, it got to be about an hour, things were getting dark and we had to light lanterns. Fortunately, I had taken the lanterns out and cleaned them about 2 hours earlier, but couldn't find a box to stick them in to carry them to tomorrow's yard sale, so they were sitting right on the kitchen counter, ready to go. The Angel had a friend over and she'd found an origami book we were getting rid of and decided to make Samurai hats for us all - except she kept getting Samurais and leprechauns mixed up. (This is the same girl who hasn't gotten her temporary driver's license yet because she can't pass the test, she can't remember the difference between the white and yellow lines.) Anyway, while she was making little hats, Angel #2 decided to make a pumpkin pie. Then, they had a wonderful idea. If you're sitting in house without electricity, trying to read an origami book by lanternlight, it's obvious you need to call a friend over. So, next thing I know, there's a teenage boy sitting in my kitchen making Samurai hats and eating pumpkin pie. I told them that when the power goes out in other houses, people tend to sit around and tell ghost stories or play charades or something - but they stuck with pie making and origami.

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