Friday, June 11, 2010

aloha Friday comes early

Thanks for the advice, Tanya, maybe I'll sprinkle some garam masala around the yard - and if it doesn't actually keep the pigs away, maybe it'll give the pork a nice tangy curry flavor. :P

We all got sick of being at work today, so it was decided to close the doors at 3pm and call it a day. Today is a state holiday - King Kamehameha Day - so we just told people we were closing for the holiday when in fact, we were just lazy and it was hot inside.

Yesterday afternoon, Angel #2 and I packed all the garbage and recycle stuff in the van and I went to haul it off to the transfer station. Turns out they've got new hours and close at 4pm. I got there at 4:15. I turned around and went home, then had the dilemma of do I unload all that garbage and reload it again in the morning, or just hope for the best? I took option #2 and fortunately, our garbage wasn't very stinky and I didn't even have to air out the van before taking the garbage in this morning. Is it pathetic that one of the highlights of my day was that my garbage didn't stink? Don't answer that.

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Anonymous said...

mom, WE is not a good nickname for Rhodey anymore how about His awesomeness or king Rhodey or someting.

From Magy