Thursday, June 24, 2010

slooowly making progress

We are moving for sure and I'm trying not to think about how cold winters get in Wisconsin - or how hot it gets in August. Good thing is, since we're going back up there the beginning of August, I'll be used to warm weather and I'll slowly get acclimated back to the cold right along with everyone else once September and October roll around.

Saturday I'm having a garage sale and have boxes of stuff all ready to go. Friday night I'll haul them down to my friends house and hopefully everything will sell like hotcakes and I'll have to shut down early because there was nothing left to sell. I can be SUCH an optimist. She also lives right next to a salvation army type store, so whatever doesn't sell will head right over there and never darken my door again. Last night's project was all our office stuff - hubby set up shop in a corner of our bedroom and we've got file cabinets, desk, printers and all that kinds of stuff crammed in a corner of the room. A lot of it is now packed up and ready to sell. Today I'm tackling the basement and trying to get everything possible out of there so that area is cleaned up and I won't have to worry about it any more. Interesting the stuff I'm finding down there. I'm trying to figure out why WE thought it was necessary to bring his snowboard down here when we moved - I'm guessing that's heading back up to WI with us. Angel #2 took a big car load of stuff to the dump and is coming back with a friend of hers, so I'll have to people to slave for me. Ideally, we'd be out of the house by the end of July so we won't have to pay another month's rent, but I don't think that's going to happen - we'll have to see.

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