Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tonight the boys are getting their bags packed for their flight to Wisconsin tomorrow. Angel #1 is spending the entire summer at my brother's and is coming back home the end of September. WE is coming back July 4. Hubs and Angel #4 are flying out Friday and are coming back with WE on the 4th. Hubby is flying back to WI then and spending the rest of the summer there since he's got work up there and in this economy, you go where the work is, ya know? Angel #2 is gone tonight on a band camping trip and will come home tomorrow after her brothers leave. So, last night was our last family Bible study together for a long time. We have a family Bible study just about every night. You should know enough of my family to know that our Bible studies aren't like other peoples studies, though we usually try to stay on course. The other night, for example, we were reading of Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem, which morphed into a conversation about donkey basketball games which somehow ended in a discussion about midget bowling. This kind of thing happens a couple times a week. You wouldn't expect anything different from the daydreamer family, now would you?

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