Friday, June 18, 2010


Had a great time at the after bocce potluck today. Someone brought fresh poi balls, which I'd never had before - turns out they're delicious. I also downed some Korean chicken, Mexican salad and the required Spam and topped it off with more poi balls, orange cake and some super rich peppermint cake. The visiting was even more fun than the food and we all had a great time. It started spattering rain just as we were cleaning up. Perfect timing.

Tomorrow, I've got to remember to head downtown, some of the athletes are also hula dancers and they're performing at one of the shopping centers. Ray, one of my particular sweetie peeties, asked me to come down and watch him dance and I would really hate to disappoint him, especially since I didn't get to watch him at the power lifting competition a couple months ago when I'd promised him I'd be there.

Tanya, someone I know hit a pig a couple months ago. It was a huge mess, it slid up the hood of the car and smashed her windshield. Then the rotten pig hit the road, got back on its feet and took off while she ended up in ER. Not only are they big and tough, but man, they're ugly. All black and furry with nasty tusks - they've been known to kill dogs. Every once in a while, I'll be behind a pickup truck with a big ol' dead pig lying in the back. Our neighbors go pig hunting quite a bit and I can hear them oinking and squealing at the crack of dawn (the pigs-not the neighbors). It's always open season on pigs around here, no license required if you hunt on your own land. If you're a good shot, you've got luau!

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