Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How many times can you sell the same refrigerator?

The answer to the question above is: four Yes, that's how many times we sold our refrigerator before someone finally drove off with it, never to be seen by me again. The first time someone said they'd come back in the afternoon to pick it up and pay for it and they never showed. The 2nd and 3rd time the person was going to come back and get it, then called later to say someone gave them a refrigerator so they didn't need to buy ours - the 3rd buyer even gave me a check, which I had to void out. Part of the problem is that the fridge was down in our basement and difficult to get up to a spot where it could be loaded. I decided to solve this problem by asking Tony, the guy I work for, to help me get it up to the porch so it could be easily loaded when it sold again. Tony liked the fridge and simply loaded it in his truck and now it's gone. YAY! I told him NO returns! I've got another refrigerator and 2 chest freezers to sell yet before this is all over.

Is anybody else watching Persons Unknown? The Angel and I have watched every episode so far and have a good time discussing theories on what we think is going on and what everyones dirty little secret is. We were both a bit shocked at the end of the latest episode and I'm sure we'll be discussing motivation and reasons for the rest of the well as, is Tori going to be back for the next episode, or will she get chased down by the big black semi? And who is driving that semi anyway? And, could Bill be any more irritating? Tune in next week and see!

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