Thursday, July 22, 2010

why is your butt up so early?

After a rough night's non-sleep, I finally went down around 3am, only to have my cell phone start ringing at 4:45. It was my friend Chris, apparently butt dialing me. Whose butt is even near a phone at 4:45am? According to Chris, not his. He was crashing at a mutual friend's house when the little girl of the house, who DOES wake up at 4:45am, started playing with his phone and calling a whole bunch of people. She also played with his wallet and his morning's coffee money went missing as well. For 3 years old, the little girl is well on the path to juvenile delinquency.

Oh hey, talk about delinquency, I was going to tell you this story last week and forgot. Three boys from a juvie home hijacked the car their keepers were carting them around in and took off with it. Yeah, these Einsteins stole a car on an ISLAND. Uh...just where did they think they were going to go? There could possibly be a reason why car theft is practically non-existent here, it's because you can only go so far and you've got an ocean in your way. Needless to say, the dopes were caught in no time at all and back in juvie.

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