Monday, July 5, 2010

Hawaiian kine rodeo

Yesterday morning, Angel #2 and I went to the rodeo. Shortly after we moved to here we went to a rodeo and I remembered that it had been different than the ones we'd gone to on the Mainland, but I couldn't remember why. Sunday reminded me. They've got some completely different events down here - one is called poo wai u, which is a roping event that originated here by the paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) which simulates tying a steer to a tree trunk. There's also calf mugging and one that had the angel and I wondering. "Calf dressing," she said. "I've heard of turkey and dressing, but never calf dressing." Turns out it's exactly what it sounds like. Different local businesses put up an entry fee, the winner of the event gets the entry fee money to donate to their favorite charity. Three employees of the business (not cowboys) form a team and whoever dresses a calf in a tee-shirt the fastest is the winner. Yep, calf DRESSING. It was pretty darn funny seeing those cows wandering around the area with big ol' tee-shirts on. While watching the rodeo, #2 and I snacked on poi balls, not exactly traditional rodeo fare, unless you live in Hawaii. They were so darn good that I know that's going to be something I'm going to miss when we move back to Wisconsin.

Hubby and the two younger kids got home from their month in WI yesterday afternoon. Hubs is going to go through his stuff and get it packed and shipped this week hopefully. That much less I'll have to angst over. I put a whole bunch of stuff on Craigslist this morning and could have sold my sofa about 5 times over. Now, if I can only find someone who wants to buy a few of the fifteen million bookshelves I've got we'll be in business.

WE has his buddy over today and they've spent the afternoon blowing up water bottles filled with baking soda, vinegar and rice (aka shrapnel). It's been so quiet here the last month, I guess he's trying to make up for all that silence now.

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