Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Detour Days

Things are much noisier around here lately.  Our main highway running through a nearby town is being repaired and will be closed all summer.  Yesterday was it's first day of being officially closed.  Maneuvering around town isn't going to be that big of a deal, I know the back ways to get into town to avoid the closure, but the new detour is on the road  by our house and the traffic is really picking up.  Now there are semi's driving past when we've never had them before, I have to sit at the stop sign and actually wait for cars to drive by before I can pull out, another novelty. All the drive-by traffic is making things much noisier than what I'm used to.  Oh, and the people driving on the road are MUCH antsier than our usually drivers.  They're right on my butt when I'm driving 60mph, they're used to taking the highway, not little country roads.  In the past, my biggest obstacles in driving have been getting around tractors and Amish buggies, not it's beginning to feel like a racetrack.  I'll adjust, but I don't have to like it.

My little WE is 16 years old today.  It seems like only yesterday he was trying to climb on the roof or running naked through the berry patch and now he's gotten so old.  April went by so fast that I'd kind of forgotten about his birthday.  Thank goodness Rent-a-Grandma's birthday card got in a day early so I got a reminder.  I picked up a quickie cake mix at the store yesterday, but I also got the fixings for a carrot cake.  Last night I asked WE what kind of birthday cake he wanted and he gave me this totally confused look.  I asked him again and he asked me whose birthday it was.  I guess I don't feel so bad about forgetting his birthday since he forgot it too!  He said he was glad I reminded him since otherwise, he would have been really surprised in the morning when they wished him a happy b-day over the school's announcements - yeah, their school is small enough that everyone's birthday's get announced over the PA.

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Adamsdarling said...

Happy birthday to WE!