Friday, May 25, 2012

Herding Cats

I just talked to hubs this morning.  He's down in Hawaii and at the airport at the moment with the West Hawaii Special Olympics softball team.  They're preparing to go to the state games in Oahu and they're trying to get everyone on the plane.  If you've done much flying, you know how chaotic it is even just getting into an airport, can you imagine trying to get a team of special olympic athletes ticketed, through TSA and rounded up to the right gate so they can get them and their baseball gear onto the plane?  Fortunately, unlike many TSA horror stories, the TSA at the Kona airport has always been very helpful and friendly (though a bit slow sometimes) so hopefully things will go smoothly.  It was much easier, though not as comfortable, the time I went to state with the team and we were flown there by military jet.  We just hauled ourselves and our gear up the stairs into the plane and buckled ourselves in, bypassing TSA and all that other garbage.  They even let one of the athletes fly up in the cockpit with them.  It was a lot of fun and I'm jealous that hubs gets to spend his weekend with them all.

We finally got some rain last night.  We haven't had a drop since the flooding we had a couple weeks ago and everything was getting horribly dry.  Without any moisture, the garden we planted last weekend hasn't even begun.  We didn't get a whole lot of rain, but hopefully it'll be enough to get some seedlings going.

Angel #2 called me about 3 times yesterday.  After dropping her charge off at school yesterday, she went rummage saleing and found some pretty good gems.  She's also excited about today, she's meeting up with an internet friend for the first time and they're going to bum around town together.  She hasn't done much exploring of the town she's now living in yet, so she's going to check out and see what Main St has to offer today.  It's a pretty big local vacation spot, so she's planning on hitting a few of the vacation spot required fudge shops.  This post is already long enough, so I'll tell you about her new friend in a day or two, it's a pretty funny story.

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