Monday, May 7, 2012

Well, that day didn't go as planned

Friday morning, hubs had a dentist appointment in a town about 35 miles away.  I came along with him for company.  Afterwards, we did lunch and did a quick stop at the ReStore.  We were just about to leave the store and head for home when my phone rang.  Angel #2 had been on the road heading to her new job and her car overheated.  Since we were halfway to where she was anyway, we turned around and went out to help her.  We got there and filled the radiator, but the car still wouldn't start.  We messed around for about 20 minutes then gave up.  We had just taken the car out of storage the day before and fortunately when I put the insurance on it, I opted for roadside service.  That was the best $14 I spent in a long time.  They sent out a tow truck and would tow the car up to 15 miles.  Fortunately, my brother lived about 14 miles from where we were, so we had the truck haul it to his place.  We then had to take #2 the additional 25 miles to get her to work then drive the 65 miles back home.  So, instead of getting home around noon, we arrived around 6pm.  As a reward for our rotten day, hubs and I went to a fish boil put on by one of the local volunteer fire departments.  Lately it seems that whenever hubs and I go out to eat, we end up dining in a fire station.  Fine dining at its best, people. I mean, how can you not love a fish boil?  You get boiled fish, carrots, onions and potatoes and then, at the end of the line, you have a woman standing over a vat of melted butter with a ladle in her hand, covering  your whole meal with greasy goodness.

My brother called later Friday night.  His buddy who fixes cars took a look at #2's car and pronounced it dead.  This particularly sucks since she had just spend $200 the day before, getting it registered, oil changed, gas tank filled.  Money comes in slow, but it sure does disappear fast. doesn't it?


tanya t said...

I hear ya! My transmission gave out on my Taurus. It is currently in the shop getting fixed. It won't be cheap,but I keep reminding my self it is cheaper than 4 years of car payments. I miss the good old days of things being built well and built to last!

Angel #2 said...

My car was a Taurus too. They're kind of fail as far as cars go. Now I'm $200 down, but I know to skip a Taurus =p I'm not a huge fan of fords anyway. Found on road dead.