Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm glad we can cross that off our list!

Wow, busy day today.  We finally got the garden planted.  I'd wanted to do it early, but right after we had it all plowed up, we got tons of rain which packed everything down.  Then it was pretty dry for awhile and our ground was like cement.  Our neighbor to the west of us had originally plowed it up, so this time, I appealed to our neighbor to the east.  He's a retired guy who's always puttering around doing things to keep himself occupied, so this was right up his alley.  He came over with a cultivator around 9:30 and started working things up.  The kids (and I later on) walked alongside and picked rocks, throwing them in the bucket of the tractor as he drove along.  It worked MUCH better than last year when we walked along with 5 gallon buckets and manually hauled the rocks over to the rock pile.  Our neighbor went over and over the garden for hours as we picked rocks, when he was done, the ground was really worked up well.  It was getting to the point when we were wishing he'd leave so we could quit rock picking.  Then, we found out why he took our garden so seriously.  He did something to tick his wife off and she was MAD at him.  The kids said at one point, when I was out buying garden plants, she was in her car on the side of the road yelling at him.  Turns out, he just didn't want to go home.  It's kind of funny, because he's a well-to-do, no-nonsense, my way or the highway kind of guy, kind of intimidating.  Turns out everyone has their weakness and in his case, it's his wife.  But we got a nice worked-up garden out of the deal.  When we finally got in from picking it was 12:50. That's a LOT of rocks.

The kids and I vegged until 4:00, when I forced everyone out of the house and out to plant the garden.  I really wanted to get everything done today.  We ended up getting everything in except for onions (I forgot to buy sets).  WE went on a corn planting binge and planted 9 rows of sweet corn before I could convince him to stop.  We got done around 6 and now I'm sun burned and exhausted.  The kids were sun burned too, but I guess you don't get exhausted as fast when you're a teenager.  They both had places they wanted to go tonight and  I figured they earned the right to go.  WE took the van and is on his very first car ride without parents.  He's dropping Angel #4 off at a friends for a bonfire, then he's going to the movies with a buddy.

Angel #2 is gone now, officially starting her new job today.  Since it's a live-in position and quite a drive from here, we won't be seeing much of her this summer, I'm guessing.  So, all my babies are out and about, my husband is in Hawaii and it's just me and the critters, enjoying a quiet evening at home.

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