Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I hate it when everything happens at once

So last night was the conference track meet for WE.  It was held in a town only about 10 miles away, so we buzzed over there around 4 and got ourselves settled in.  Angel #4 had a concert that night as well and needed to be at the school by 6, though the concert itself didn't start until 7.  So, we brought both girls to the meet, then had Angel #2 run #4 over to the school at 6, then come back to the meet so we could watch a little more before we had to leave for the concert.  WE was in 4 events and though we were there for 2 1/2 hours, we only managed to see him in 2 of them, the long jump, in which he scratched 2 out of his 3 jumps and in the 400 meter relay, in which they got disqualified.  We missed their 5th place finish in the 800 meter relay and the 3rd place in the 1600 meter relay, which sucked, but we did get to hear a wonderful concert.

Angel #4 did great at the concert.  She was in the tonechimes, which is kind of like hand bells, the choir and the band.  In addition to the regular choir songs, she also performed the duet she did for the Solo Ensemble back in March and she and the same girl also did a small duet at the beginning of one of the choirs songs.  My little girl is a beautiful singer.  The band did good also, despite being incredibly small and out of proportion.  In the 7th/8th grade band there are 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, one each of about 4 or 5 other instruments and 5 percussionists.  That's a whole lot of drumming, people.

Then, right after the concert, hubs headed out to Milwaukee.  He was staying overnight at one of those park and fly motels so he could fly out at 6 this morning for Hawaii.  The weather's so beautiful here that he really hated to have to leave, but when you've got work, you've gotta go.  I'm pretty sure that hubs is in the minority of people who grumble when they have to go to Hawaii.

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