Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Mom Revisited

Angel #4 was invited to a slumber party Friday night.  Super Mom's daughter was going to the same party.  #4 had a track meet Friday night, so the plan was, after the meet, I was going to pick up Super Mom's daughter and another girl and take them to the slumber party house.  Then #4 told me that I only had to pick up the other girl since super mom made other arrangements for her daughter to get to the party.  #4 couldn't figure out why I couldn't just pick the girl up, neither could I, until I remembered how I told her mother a few weeks ago that sometimes I just slowed down past the school and shoved the kids out the car door.  I think she knew I was kidding, but maybe she didn't want to take the chance that I'd toss the kids out of the min-van in front of slumber party girls house then peel out down the street.  Whatever.

The next day, I was out rummage saling and bumped into Super Mom at one of the sales.  She asked me if I knew when slumber party girls dad was bringing the girls home.  I gave her a blank look and said,  "uh....I never asked.  The later the better."  Then she asked if I knew what the girls were planning on doing at the party, once again, I gave her a blank look and said, "I never asked, I figure they'll come up with something."  She gave up trying to talk to me about the slumber party after that.  Then she saw Angel #2 and asked how her trip to Ecuador was.  #2 told her she was in Uruguay, Super Mom said, Oh, I knew it was someplace that started with and "E".   Uh....yeah.

It was Rummage Sale weekend in our town.  It's so much fun when everyone has a rummage sale at the same time, much more efficient.  Angel #2 went out on Friday afternoon and on Saturday  morning we dragged WE along with us.  I found some pretty good deals and so did the kids.  Angel #2 really likes 1950's things, especially the clothes.  At one sale, she found a cute little 1950's era green velvet hat, she found 2 pair of dress gloves at another sale.  A third sale turned up a winter coat with a 50's vibe to it.  She also bought a set of electric curlers from the 70's and Saturday night she put the whole thing together with a 50's hair style and all her new retro clothes.  She also did Angel #4's hair and clothes and gave her a late 60's flower child look, she looked a LOT like Janis Joplin.  It was fun watching the girls doll each other up and do sisterly stuff together and having such a fun time doing it.  WE also hit the rummage sale jackpot.  He found a big bowl, it was a decorative thing with a pedestal and handles, the kind you'd put on a sideboard filled with wax fruit or something, or something Harry Potter would mix a potion up in.  WE's planning on using it for a cereal bowl.  He figures it'll be a real time saver since he won't have to refill it 5 or 6 times like he does with his regular cereal bowl.  Investment tip:  Buy stock in Kelloggs.

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