Monday, May 21, 2012

A sad day for chickenkind

Tragedy struck the chicken coop yesterday  (or early this morning).  Something got in and killed 4 of my little chickens.  At least I'm assuming they're all dead, there was only one half eaten corpse and not a single feather left behind from the other three.  I figure it was a hawk since they chickens were penned in and it would be pretty difficult for something to get in there and haul three chickens out without leaving some sort of trace.  Angel #4 and I made a smaller coop inside the bigger fenced in area and put netting over the top to keep further airborne predators out.  We only put the remaining 4 small ones in there, hoping that the 5 laying hens we have will be too big for a hawk to take out - besides, the hens tend to stay close to the barn when they're outside and they chased the little ones away (the barn is where they get fed) so the little ones are more exposed.  I've still got Hop Along, the chick with the wonky leg penned up in the barn.  He/she keeps getting weaker and weaker, but I don't have the heart to put him/her out of its misery, I keep hoping it'll strengthen up and recover, especially now when I've lost half his siblings.

In good news, WE came home all excited from the regional track meet today.  He led the 4x4 relay team to victory, not only did he run his leg faster then he ever had, but he ran faster than the other three guys on his team and also passed 3 other runners putting his team into first place.  They fell behind further in the race, but came in a very respectable 2nd place and they've got high hopes for Sectionals on Thursday afternoon.  After the successful day they had today, he's even talking about maybe going to State.  He also almost made it to sectionals in the long jump, the top 4 jumpers go on and he came in 5th place.  He wasn't too disappointed since he didn't think he'd place in long jump anyway.

Yesterday, Angel #4 and I headed down to Milwaukee to pick up Rent-a-Grandma and get her back home.  She had been staying with her son and his family in Virginia for the last month and her son and his wife had a seminar in Milwaukee to go to, so they all drove over.  I got grandma at the hotel and got to check out her very first (biological) grandbaby.  He's an adorable little guy, but soooo tiny.  He's only a month and a half old and weighs about 10 pounds.  It's hard to believe my kids were ever that small.  I'm glad they're grown up, babies are cute and all, but I prefer my kids the ages they are, they're a whole lot more fun (and easier to take care of) now than they were way back then.

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