Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And we've got another one on the road

WE passed his drivers test today and is now an official licensed driver.  He was so excited to now be able to drive around on his own that he wanted to leave me at the DMV so he could cruise by himself.  Fortunately, it was lunch time and I was going to take him out to lunch to celebrate, so he let me get in the passenger's seat.  We did all you can eat Chinese and really stuffed ourselves.

Yesterday, Angel #4 and I went to the dentist.  I hadn't been to one in quite awhile, so was relieved that I didn't have any cavities.  But the dentist did recommend I get a mouth guard to help with my teeth clenching issue.  Angel #4 got a clean report too, so far she doesn't have a single cavity.  Much better than when I was 13.  We go back next week for teeth cleaning, then it's time to schedule an appointment for WE.  Eventually, we'll all be up to date on our dentist stuff.

Tomorrow is my first and only unscheduled day this week.  Every other day I've had to haul someone somewhere for something.  Friday I've got double duty, taking WE to a doctor's appointment 25 miles east of here, then when I get him home, I've got to take Angel #2 to work 70 miles WEST of here.  Man, I sure have been putting on the miles lately.

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