Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am a sloth

Angel #4 had her spring band concert tonight. The school drama club also put on a musical play. It was set in the rain forest and two kids sang a song called I am a Sloth. How cool is that? Almost as neat at the kid who sang I am a Compost Pile during the winter play. I think I am a Sloth is going to be my new theme song.

Mark, our danger prone friend called today. He got a pickup truck for $200, but he only wanted it for the tires and rims, which were better than the ones on his own truck. So he asked us if we wanted the truck for free. It doesn't run real well, but the price was right. Angel #1 thinks he may want the truck for himself, but he's going to have to hone his mechanic skills to keep it going.

WE has a new goal in life. Hang on to your hats for this one, folks. He's planning on using his scamming skills in the court of law. Yep, he's decided to become a lawyer. The legal system will never be the same. He spent the afternoon looking for loopholes in the US Constitution. He discovered that the rights given to us by the constitution don't apply to minors and now he's looking into how to become an emancipated minor.

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