Friday, May 8, 2009

the bouncy shoes theory

The kids didn't have school today - some kind of teacher inservice or some such thing. I scheduled an eye doctors appt for the two older kids. Angel #2 talked me into getting her colored contacts - pacific blue, to be exact. She explained to me that it'll help with the whole boy thing and I asked if more boys will ask her out with Pacific Blue eyes rather than her regular blue eyes and she gave me the bouncy shoe theory which I will now pass on to you: You can jump, but, if you have a pair of those shoes with springs on the bottom, they'll help you jump even higher. She can attract boys, but colored contacts will be something that'll give her that extra edge, like the bouncy shoes. Hey, it's not my theory, I'm just repeating what I've been told.

We've been studying in Exodus in our family Bible study and are presently reading about the plagues in Egypt. Our local library has the movie The Ten Commandments, so I thought I'd pick it up so we could get a visual of the whole thing. Fifty + years after it was filmed, it's still an awesome movie. Even Angel #1, who's grown up with todays special effects thought it was pretty cool and, of course, Yul Brenner makes an incredible Pharaoh. But, after seeing Yvonne DeCarlo in it (I'd forgotten that she played Moses' wife) I've got the theme song from The Munsters stuck in my head - remember, she was Lily Munster. I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille.

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