Monday, May 25, 2009

winding down

We had a great time at the party yesterday. About 35 people showed up with tons of food. Funny thing - potluck food tends to be different down here than it is in Wisconsin. We had the standard potato salad, chips and ham sandwiches, but in with those were chicken katsu musubis, fresh pineapple, sweet and sour meatballs and Auntie Violets smoke meat (YUM!!).

The big draw of the day turned out to be the rope swing on the big tree out back, which was no surprise. I think I've told you about the rope swing before, it's awesome. The kids set up a 12 foot ladder and climbed up that holding the rope. Then jumped off the ladder and swung on the swing, soaring way up over our heads. The rope itself is about 40 feet long, so you can get one heck of a swing going on. Then they started doing tricks. I'm happy to report that no one broke their neck, though our friend Don came pretty close when his foot slipped off the swing platform when he jumped off the ladder (he kicked off his shoes and forgot he was wearing socks, so didn't have any traction).

Today we're just kind of mellowing out. Angel #2 is meeting friends at the beach, but everyone else is just kind of hanging out at home. WE has a friend over and they were out diving for treasure in the water catchment in the front of the house. It's about 12 feet deep and we can't see the bottom. The boys are using underwater flashlights and diving gear to see what they can pull up. So far they've found a fork, spoon and a can opener. If they can find a bowl, cup and can of soup, we could have a meal. They were jumping off the roof into the catchment, so hubby was sitting at his desk working when he looked out the window to see what appeared to be a scuba diver, complete with mask and wet suit, fall from the sky and into our pool. Just another manic Monday.

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